Saturday, September 1, 2012


A call from New Zealand has reminded me that I do post pictures here once in a while.  ;-)  So.

For his birthday, MD surprised Poyla with some wonderful photos of his precious Stardust.  She dragged skateboards, helmets, record albums and all kinds of stuff to a studio for the photo shoot.  Clearly Stardust enjoyed herself!

 I've finished up month one of this wool applique BOM and started on the second month block.

T-shirt quilts have been steadily going out the door.

This quilt is two-sided.  It's all concert t-shirts with guitar fabric in the border.

I've finished over 30 more little houses.  Here are just a few.

We also went with friends to see Meat Loaf at the Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC).   After a nice dinner at Mellow Mushroom (they have a gluten-free menu!), we strolled back through the American Tobacco campus.

Lots of falling water.

And enjoyed some of the North Carolina Cow Parade.  The Tramp blends right in with this one don't you think?  :-)

There were roars from the crowd at the Durham Bulls stadium close by.

And inside we really did get to see Meat Loaf.  The man certainly puts a huge amount of energy into his performances.  Sadly the sound was badly mixed and we could hardly hear the singers.  But he can't possibly keep up this kind of performing forever so we were glad of the chance to see him live.

 So that's it for today.


Jenny said...

I rather like Meat Loaf myself! Just love the "Bat out of Hell" record (showing my age here).

You have been very busy sewing!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Those t-shirts quilts look fantastic! I bet the are a hit with the teenagers!