Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Red, White, and Blue days

ED took some great photos of Grands #1&2.  These were at the Memorial Day Parade.  Aren't those boys the cutest!  Love those plaid shorts.  I'm told they were THRILLED to meet Batman.  :-)

Last night and this morning were all about rain.  Tropical Depression Beryl was passing through but by noon things were starting to clear up.  We were very fortunate as Beryl spawned a nasty tornado on the coast.  :-(

My brother send photos of his new hobby.  I'm impressed.  Better him than me!  Insects seek me out, sigh.  I do my best to keep them at arms length....or further!  His hive is still quite new and shiny.  His clothing and equipment look new and shiny too.  :-)  He said it's his mid-life crisis hobby, much cheaper than a Corvette!  lol

On Monday we hauled Charlie's  cage outside for a good hosing and scrubbing.  I installed some of the new things we bought at the bird show and he's settling back in.  I bought him a toy made from playing cards and he had the best time ripping it apart.  So tonight we stopped at the Dollar Tree and bought a whole bunch of colorful children's flash cards and cardboard puzzles to add to the parrot toy box.

 Monday was Mom and Dad's 58th wedding anniversary.  Wow!  They came over to our house for dinner.  Now the backyard has less trees we get nice afternoon sun in the dining room.

The Tramp and I decided to serve roast beef and yorkshire pudding.  I had made fabulous gluten-free scones in the morning from the King Arthur Flour gluten-free flour mix and the recipe off their website.  YUM!  I had been looking for yorkshire pudding recipes online and while the scones were baking I realized the flour box had a popover recipe on the back!  Yippee!  Much to everyone's delight the recipe made wonderful yorkshire pudding/popovers.  We really enjoyed our meal.

Yesterday and today I worked on t-shirt prep for another quilt and did a little sewing for myself.  Charlie was all over his play stand having the best time ripping up and banging his toys.  His latest trick is to get down on the edge of the seed guard and get nose to nose with Maisy.  I'd left the stand was too close to my sewing table and suddenly I heard him gnawing on the table!  I also have to make sure he can't reach my books.  What a mess that would be!

For a while now I've been itching to make a new purse.  So today was the day.  The old one (behind) is getting threadbare around the edges.  It's Anything But Boring's  Long Stemmed Tulip purse pattern.  Easy to put together.  Since Janice is in our guild you see lots of versions of her purses at guild meetings.  Fun!


Lynn said...

My husband says that after we get some chickens (once it's passed her in Cary) he wants bees. Hmmm maybe it is a midlife crisis.
Lucky you we need more sun, I really want a vegetable garden.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Glad the storm didn't reach you...those satellite pictures are something else.