Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Blue skies, Smiling at me, Nothing but blue skies, Do I see."

Well not quite all blue.  :-)  Today seemed to be all about the sky.  We received this great photo of Grand #3 and his dad at the Wellington Zoo with the city (and the spectacular sky) in the background.

This morning the sky here was a peculiar grey.  I ran to get the camera because the sun came out while I was peering out the bathroom window at the grey sky and glowed with the sun on the trees.  Of course in the time it took me to run for the camera the sun disappeared.

On our way to the Apple Store this afternoon the sky was much bluer.  The Tramp had turned his laptop over and realized the battery was bulging.  Yikes!  So we rushed off to the Genius Bar to make sure it wasn't going to blow up.  He has a new battery now.  :-)

After a gluten-free dinner at Chipotle, this was the sky on the way home.  Uh oh.

About a mile further along the weather turned into this.

We got soaked through running into the house!

The slimy mud pit back yard.

The slimy river side yard.

Our soil (or clay) washing away.  Sigh.

While it was pouring The Tramp opened the porch door for the dogs.  They were having none of it!

Earlier today I went to JoAnn's for some thread.  The turtles were basking along the edges of the pond.....which is looking mighty green and slimy at the moment.  Yuck.

And on available perches.

The geese were lounging in the road.

My turtle project from Lyric Kinard's workshop has been calling me.  Today I did the sewing around the turtle parts.  It's reverse applique.  For a trapunto effect it has batting behind it.

 I zigzagged this one but I want to try other ways of stitching the edges on a future Appli-Punto project.

Lyric suggested we save the pieces we cut out of the first fabric and fuse them to a background.  A twofer!  It isn't quite as pale as it looks in the photo though the contrast could be better.

When that was done I did some stitching on my bunnies while we watched several episodes of QI.  Oh my goodness how we laughed!

I also finally finished my Tilda angel today.

In particular I am very pleased with her hair.

I think she's quite a sweetie.  :-)

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