Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello again. Twice in one day!

Does the banner at the top of the blog look different?  No?  Look closer.  No trash and recycling cans along the road anymore!  My friend Beth, up in New Jersey, took a few minutes and photoshopped them out and surprised me with the new version.  Thanks Beth!  :-D

Once I finished cutting all 32 shirts and stabilizing them, I puttered around the house and then wandered outside for a look at the pond.

The water is quite brown after the recent storm but the wildlife just takes it in stride.  Today I was attracted by the loud splashing and carrying on in the vicinity of the geese.  Well my goodness!  They were diving!  I've never seen that before.  It seems to be rather rare from what I can find out in a quick Google search.

Mom and Dad, as well as gosling all kept disappearing and popping up several feet away with much splashing and ruffling of feathers.  Now I wish I had taken a video.

The turtles gathered to stare at me.

Now the pond is well stocked the Heron has a local sushi bar.

Yes turtle, I see you!

Actually, the snapping turtles will snatch goslings and ducks from underwater so our neighbors are attempting to capture them with baited lines attached to flagged branches stuck in the ground.  I'm guessing we'd rather they don't eat all those expensive fish either!

Normally the heron is easily spooked and flies across the pond to avoid cars and people.  Not today though!  I'm guessing the pickings are too good.

This is Ivy in her Look At Me I'm Sitting And Excited About What May Be Happening Next pose.  Sorry Ivy.  The most exciting thing happening now is that we're going to bed.  I did 50 laps this evening and I'm tired.  Good night.  :-)

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