Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Now it's officially spring the weather has turned a bit nasty.  March may indeed go out like a lion.  Yesterday morning while I was out with Mom and Dad we had a thunderstorm so loud The Tramp was convinced it would break the windows!  We woke up to another loud and flashy thunderstorm this morning and it rumbled on an off for half the day.  It's supposed to be like this all week long.  Here it comes!

I don't think I posted pictures of my latest houses.  Here is my honey bunny.  :-)

Some of the Kiwi fabrics are in this one.

The Tramp again.  With a silver fern in the door, a popular motif in New Zealand, and a kiwi on the roof.  Yes, I know.  Why do I have a flightless bird on a roof?  Because he fits, that's why!  :-)

A picture of Middle Daughter wearing her hat of gift bows at her bridal shower.

I wandered outside between thunderstorms this morning to see what was what.  It's pollen season, that's what!  Look at that pond.  Ewwww.  Just when it's nice enough to open the windows it's better to keep them closed.  Sigh.  I had to wash my sewing machine table this evening so the quilt wouldn't turn yellow!

The duck was making trails through it.

The house is starting to disappear behind greenery again.

I love this azalea!  And so pretty with raindrops.

By the time I sat down with my breakfast......  Corn Flakes and banana that I absent mindedly put salt on instead of sugar!  Ewwwwwwwww!  .......it had started teeming rain again.

Then suddenly, the sun popped through.

This rascal, the male eastern towhee, has been staking out his territory under the azalea bushes with his mate.  He is spending a considerable amount of time trying to fend off the "other" male towhees he sees in our car mirrors.  Very funny to watch, but I don't particularly care for the mess he makes down the sides of the cars!

And this is just a pretty picture.  :-)  It all looks so fresh and washed.  Then when you get close you see the pollen!

This afternoon the sun shone very warmly and I checked out the bluebird box.  They've been busy!  I've also seen them fending off other interested birds.  There is so much pollen in the air I had to keep wiping off the screen of my iPhone! 

I pulled at least a dozen rogue oak seedlings out of the garden.

The Bradford Pears are no longer white.  Their petals are in the pond mingling with the pollen.

There is Mr. Towhee foraging, in the center of the photo.  Mrs. Towhee is brown and very well camouflaged.  She is just to his right on the other side of the bricks.  I wonder if they are actually going to nest in those bushes.

Oh dear.  Very out of focus.  I'll need to try again.  I took a late afternoon snooze on the couch and was too lazy to get up to get the other camera.  It was such a pretty view of the dogwood tree framed in the window and lit by the late afternoon sun.  I felt I should just lay there and fully enjoy the moment.  I know the moment will be gone soon but I feel good that it will come around again next year.  :-)

Ah!  There's the thunder.  Good night.  :-)


Lynn said...

That was a bad storm last night. I just got back from a quick food lion run and I saw a huge streak of lightening, it was impressive.
Yuk, that yellow stuff, it's about 2 months early, I may as well wait and clean my porch after it goes away. My son has been sneezing all night, that time of year.

True Blue Nana said...

Would you believe 80 miles to the east we are dry as a bone! We need some rain to wash all this pollen away. Your houses are great, so creative and fun.

Raewyn said...

Thank you for the tour through your garden:-) Love your little houses...especially the NZ ones...I have trouble finding kiwiana motifs small enough to use in my houses - need to go shopping to increase my stash I think! It lookslike you are having fun putting your family in the windows.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Wow, you have been busy! Love the photo of the blossoming trees reflecting in the pond. That Stardust is so cute!