Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dust, dirt and dog hair.

Another gorgeous day!  I sat in my rocker this morning for a few minutes to bask in the sun.

The Christmas Cacti are still blooming.  Since before Valentine's Day!  They have yet to bloom at Christmas.  :-)

 The white one has some pretty peach blossoms too.

This poor thing is just plonked in a bit of water and it bloomed too.  They must really like the pond view.

The outside of the bluebird box.

 The inside!

 Maisy is thrilled to have her sunbeam back this week.  And that's Ngaire's loooong shadow.  :-)

Our view is fast turning green.

This little dogwood is doing very well.

This little dogwood is one-sided and we are hoping having a few branches trimmed off the overhanging trees will give it a better chance.

Blue, blue, blue.  Out front.

And out back.  :-)

This is the view from our back porch.  The Tramp and I went around the other day and marked the trees to be removed.  We will still have lots of trees when they are done, but there will be some open space for a veggie garden and running space for the dogs.....after we have a fence installed of course.

The azaleas are doing their thing.  Very nicely too!

I spent most of the day cleaning, inside and out.  I swept as much pollen and junk (leaves, branches, dog hair) as I could out of the screen porch and off the deck.  I threw a bunch of stuff over the side.  Oops.  I think I better go and stash it neatly under the porch.

I also finished up painting the double-decker dog dish holders The Tramp made for me the dogs.  Cute huh! 

(RFLOL!  Lion [Mac OS] doesn't like my spelling of double-decker.  The options it gives are double-Decker, double-dicker, double-docker, double-decked, and double-pecker.  You just can't make this stuff up folks!)

Anyway.....  Dusty, dirty and hairy as I was, by about 1pm it was time for me to finally eat.  The Tramp and I have joined Life Time Fitness.  Mostly we've been swimming laps and enjoying the sauna and steam room.  We also met with a nice young staffer who "evaluated" us and gave us a lecture on eating more fruits and vegetables.  Of course The Tramp tells anyone who will listen that the cows and pigs ate the vegetables for him.  Tee hee.  But we looked up the recommended quantities on the USDA website and are valiantly trying to change our habits.  So to that end I made myself a quasi-English breakfast.  At least I had a serving of tomato!  

Charlie watched all the goings-on with interest from the top of his cage.  Of course when he sees the camera he starts moving!

And finally, we have two new pictures of Stardust.  Clearly taken on different days.  :-)

It's spring!  Why do I need shoes??


Raewyn said...

Newsy post with lots of gorgeous photos! So nice to see the pets enjoying the sun, they always find the best spots so quickly. Your healthy efforts are the touch of the tomato!

Raewyn said...

great newsy post with lots of gorgeous photos. I love the way the pets always know how to find the best spots to sleep! Your healthy efforts are admireable - do like the tomoato touch!! Good on you for doing the laps.