Wednesday, March 28, 2012

La, la, la, la......

Well I was sitting here ripping some CDs to iTunes.  But now my CDROM drive has completely rejected two of them.  It's stamping it's little ROM feet and sticking it's tongue out at me.  Sigh.  Maybe it's tired.  :-)  We did ok with Tony.

And four of these.  Oh well, I'll import them from The Tramp's iTunes.  (He never has trouble with this kind of stuff.  How come I always do???  The million dollar question.)  These CDs and seven corresponding DVDs were our premium from UNCTV this year.  :-)

So anyway....while that was going on, I checked my various picture taking devices to see if there was anything hanging about in their memories from last week.  Yes there was!  Not very thrilling I'm afraid.  Last week it rained.  Every day.  And thundered a good bit too.  (migraine inducing low pressure) You can see the pollen doing a slow spiral in the pond around the stand pipe.

And it rained some more.

And again.

And still.

And some more.  Yeesh!

Today I checked the bluebird box.  After I pretty much tore the nest up, killed the ants, washed out the box, and "rebuilt" the nest I was sure it was bye bye bluebirds.  But I checked this morning and there are eggs!  Woot!  I feel like a proud birdie grandma.  LOL

Apparently the geese didn't mind a week of rain.   At all.  Yesterday we noticed they are nest building on the other side of the pond.

Rainy days aren't so exciting for dogs.

There isn't much on dog TV either.

For Christmas I surprised The Tramp with tickets to the Mythbusters Tour and Sunday was the day.  There were lots of kids in the audience and plenty of audience participation.  We really enjoyed it!

This week is proving to be lovely but I don't have any pictures to prove it.  :-)  The sky has been "painfully" blue (migraine inducing high pressure....sigh) and completely cloudless.  Monday was doll club day.  I am being totally uncooperative and not making the doll the rest of them are working on.   I have too much unfinished stuff to start something my heart isn't in to.  I really wanted to make a doll from this Tilda book.  She is sewn and stuffed and waiting to be assembled.   I have four Tilda books and have yet to make something.  It's about time!

Tuesday morning was quilting bee and one of our members has inspired several of us to knit scarves from Starbella yarn.  It's weird stuff to work with but the effect is really nice.  I'm not sure what you would do with it besides making scarves.  Hmmmmm.  They have a crocheted vest pattern.  I wonder who would have the patience?

Today I finished preparing some shirts for a custom t-shirt quilt and delivered them to Julianne.  71 images!  I can't imagine how large this quilt is going to be!

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