Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nothing new

Sewing and raking, sewing and raking.  My life at the moment.  :-)  Sunday we worked hard and got the front yard looking pretty neat.

The back yard is another story.  Sigh.

Apparently squirrels think Christmas lights are tasty.  Grrrrrr.  This is the first chewed set.  Tonight we discovered the replacement set chewed.  Moral: Don't hang your Christmas lights on the squirrel's private tree! 

This t-shirt quilt has been sewn together and delivered to Julianne.  It's actually mostly polo shirts as the young man isn't into t-shirts.  Julianne is adding some nice masculine borders and it's going to be very handsome.

And woot!  A finish of my own.  This baby quilt is going to someone who works with The Tramp and had their first baby.  I found the pattern in a Eleanor Burns book.  I put yoyos in the corners instead of appliqued flowers.  It was quick to construct and quick to quilt, but that curved binding was a killer.  But it's cute and I'm sure they'll enjoy it.  :-)

Maisy the Strange, Maisy the Weird, has a thing about Charlie.  She sits looking up at him and fusses and fusses.  Of course if Charlie happens to come down to her level she backs off rather than get her nose nipped.  :-)

I couldn't resist taking some video of Maisy and Charlie after my shower.  It's only eight seconds but you get the idea.  Maisy can keep up the fuss for a loooong time.  In this case it was at least a half an hour, while I got dressed and took videos. 


Lynn said...

Leaves :(
The truck broke down at my neighbors house last week and they stopped and haven't come back yet. This pile in front of our house is starting to make me feel claustrophobic.
Love the quilts, especially the baby quilt, so cute, with the yo-yo's.
Darn those squirrels!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

That baby quilt is super cute!