Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just a nice normal day

It seems I hadn't downloaded all my picture taking devices yesterday.  This is a fun picture of Eldest Daughter meeting Charlie.  She prudently put up her hood since she was wearing earrings!

It rained hard last night.  This morning Ngaire and I took a walk hoping the rain was over with.  And it was!  She behaved very well, but then again, we didn't meet any people or dogs.  Her backpack pocket is open because I suddenly thought she could darned well carry her own bag of poop!  LOL

The cold air was nice and refreshing....in a damp sort of way.  :-)  There was a large flock of robins flitting and pipping all around the pond.  They like the berries (pears?) in the Bradford Pear trees.

As we came around the pond I realized that we have almost full disclosure of the house now.  Just a few weeks ago it was almost completely hidden by the trees.

We are having our last push to get all the t-shirt quilts done for Christmas.   Yesterday I worked all day on two big quilt tops that will be front and back of the same quilt.  It's going to be a heavy quilt!  It was nice and warm out.  Each warm day I'm able to work with the windows open I wonder if it's going to be the last one.  Hmmmmm.

And this morning I got them done.  OD green sashing with matching camo borders.  Lots of guns and beer on these t-shirts.  I don't get most of the other references on the shirts either, but it's quite a collection and nice and colorful.  Julianne says the family are good customers and I hope they like my efforts.  

This afternoon I celebrated by raking leaves.  The Canada geese and mallard ducks were no where to be seen, but the mergansers were toodling back and forth across the pond.  They are diving ducks and keep disappearing suddenly then popping up in unexpected places.  Amusing to watch.

It was quite breezy too and I spent some time taking pictures of the wavy reflections in the pond.  (Isn't it nice I'm so easily amused.)

I took videos too.  You can hear the background noise of the wind and the distant traffic on the interstate.  I'm not sure if it's on this video but birds were singing, my dogs were barking at invisible people and school buses, and a neighbor was using his chain saw.  Just a nice normal day.  :-)


Lynn said...

Brrr it's cold out tonight, about a 40 degree difference from last night.
I like the pictures, especially the reflections. Our house is hidden behind our leaf pile. The leaf truck came and did the street until he got to our house and we haven't seen them since.

Jenny said...

It was a lovely day indeed, and your pond always looks so pretty.

Meggie said...

I enjoyed sharing your walk, and the lovely pics of the patterns on the water.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Love the water reflections. I believe the t-shirts are about Paintballs.

Bonnie said...

Wonderful pictures over the last two posts. Your photos of the house lit for Christmas are wonderful. Looks like you have a houseful for T-day. Wonderful to spend time with family.

Now, what are you quilting on for yourself or gifts??? Just wondering?