Thursday, December 8, 2011

Are we done yet?

Polo shirts, get thee behind me!

Last week's memory quilt was mostly stabilized polo shirts.  A lot to do, but not so bad.  This week's quilt is about half stabilized polo shirts, the heavy pique type.  They are thick to cut!  It's really hard on rotary cutter blades and hands.  (Oh my aching hands!)  The main problem is I had to cut enough squares for three queen sized quilts.  528 4" cut squares for each.  Total: 1,584.  One is due to the client before Christmas and the other two are due next year, but it made complete sense to cut everything at once instead of messing around.  I cut up nearly every scrap of 29 Ralph Lauren shirts and one Lacoste.  Yikes!  Now I know what a marathon it is I'll be much more careful to pace myself next time.

First I cut up the 10 dress shirts.  Easy peasy.  Gotta love the colors!

Then I cut open and stablized 20 polo shirts.  Urgh.

That's a hefty stack!

Ouch!  Two rotary cutter blades later, it's done.  (Maybe it's cutting the Pellon that does it to the blades.  Hmmmmm.)  Lots of polo ponies and one crocodile ready to go.

Three rows together and the fourth ready to add.   Twenty more to go!  It's going to be colorful, that's for sure.  :-)

I'm happy to report the town has come by to pick up the mountains of leaves.  It must be long days for the workers and we appreciate their labor.

During a rotary cutting break, I amused myself taking a family portrait.  After much confusion I got them all sitting in a row.  Ivy sat from the first, but the others kept running up and down the stairs with excitement until I got them turned around, sitting, and lo and behold - staying!

You can see, except for Ivy, they still weren't focusing on me.  She sat like a statue.  :-)  First we check to the left.  Anything interesting going on in the yard behind?

Then we looked to the right.  Yep!  The house is still there.  But wait!  The big radar ears are swiveling.

We hear something!  So we crane our neck to check out the sounds from next door.

Ok, ok!  We're watching you now.  Are we done yet?


Heera said...

Your dogs are so adorable. Cute pictures and narrative. Your polo t-shirt project looks pretty interesting.

Bonnie said...

Good luck with all that sewing going on. But I do love the colors. I've bought a new blade to try in my rotary cutter. Fiskars has made a titanium blade. I've been a strictly olfa blade person for years as I think they last the longest. I've bought the titanium but haven't used it yet as I am going to wait until current blade is dead. The titanium blade got a good review from Sew Cal Gal's blog a while ago which is why I bought a couple.