Saturday, November 12, 2011

A walk

On Friday, Tanya took a long walk with Choco and took photos at five minute increments to show the area around her home in Japan.  At the end of her post she challenged us to do the same.  So on Friday I went for a walk with Ivy and took along the camera.  I didn't keep to five minute increments but it's close enough.  :-)

This is the view from the front stoop.  Yes, there is a driveway under all those leaves.

I could have chosen several different routes with different types of scenery.  There is the walk to the park, the walk to the main road, the back way to the stores and the mall, or around the side streets.  I chose to walk along the greenway and the side streets, making a big circle around and arriving back the other way.

Several yards along the way have dogs.  These two are behind an invisible fence and it annoys us and upsets our dogs when they come charging nearly to the curb barking like crazy.   We have to walk along two sides of the property so it's a lot of barking.

The sky has been a magnificent blue and the trees are wonderfully colorful.

The road I am walking on has a break in it.  Ahead, a little to the left of center, is the walk-through to the greenway.

Beyond is the continuation of the road.  The greenway is to the left on the other side of the bridge.  There is a planned continuation of the greenway to the right.

Ivy is wondering why we've stopped.  I was amazed at the size of this leaf!

There are plenty of houses off to the left and right but except for the back of a row of town houses, most of them are hidden by the trees.

Now I'm back on the streets.  So many houses around here are like this one, under the shelter of large trees.

Here we've turned onto a street that runs parallel to a busy interstate.   If you click on the picture to enlarge it you may notice the concrete wall showing between the houses.  I'm sure the wall makes a difference, but even so the traffic noise is LOUD.

There's the wall.  It's much quieter at our house, we are in a more protected spot.  But I have noticed since the weather has been cooler we can hear the traffic more, especially in the mornings.

That house has solar panels.  The Tramp would love to install solar panels on our house.  Just one of the many items on our wish list!

Another view of the wall behind houses (behind the garages).  Lovely homes I'm sure, I just don't think I personally could stand the wall and the noise.

More color.  :-)

I guess someone thought their shoes would be a nice neighborhood decoration.  A neat trick as they are pretty high up!  There was a flock of crows all around us at this point, one of them kept watch up in that tree.

Others were bolder.

It's November folks!  I have gloves on and my ears are cold.  Leaves are raining down all around us.  I'm still not used to flowering plants in the winter.  :-)

And now we are back to our street.  Despite this very clear sign, people drive in and around the pond all day long.  In the evening too.  At neighborhood gatherings we always end up discussing how to discourage it.  We like that kids can run around pretty freely, there are always walkers from the surrounding streets with dogs or baby strollers on the narrow road and it's nice they can enjoy the pond too.  However, the road is in pretty bad say nothing of the fact we have to pay to maintain it!   Maybe we should have toll gates.  A way to pay for repairs??  :-)

And as I put the camera down I spotted that stray dog charging towards us!  Luckily it was friendly.  Ivy wasn't too happy though

Back at the pond.   Our house is directly across.

This sign is pretty clear too, don't you think?  It's only the rare person that causes us trouble, either on foot or in a vehicle, but I sure don't want to be liable if they do something stupid.

I suspect these will be our winter residents.

Now the leaves are coming down our house shows a bit more.

We're home!

So what's it like in your neighborhood?


Janet said...

What a great idea for photos and a blog post plus we get to see a little part of your world. The trees are looking lovely.

SoozieSuzy said...

I love your photos and commentary. Shoes over lines in this country used to indicate a "tinne" house:-) Was thinking Liam would need to explain but here is a link

Tanya said...

Ooh! Lovely pictures! And so much color on your walk! A pond to look at? How mesmerizing! I still find invisible fences that keep in dogs fascinating. I wonder if we could keep our dog in with one of those... Hope your migraines let up.