Monday, December 13, 2010


I was kind of getting into the swing of things...blogging wise....then the tooth cracked. Last Monday evening. The week of agony is finally over, as of this morning said tooth is gone. 'Nuff said.

I did however, manage to get this little cutie made for my quilting bee Christmas grab bag gift. I'm glad to say she was well received. She is a PretTea Mouse Pin Keep from Happy Heart Patterns and was great fun to make. The pattern is well written.

Every day I still marvel that we live On The Pond. I never imagined glancing out my window and seeing a Great Blue Heron landing in my front yard! This time it didn't stay long as it was closely watching the parent and child walking around the pond towards it. Sometimes when I drive by it flies up into a tree. It's always surprising to see such a tall bird perching on a branch. :-)

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May Britt said...

What a cute mouse. I adore her. The reciver of this must be so happy.