Sunday, August 31, 2008

Joys and Aggravations

This has been a lovely weekend with Middle Daughter and her SO visiting. We were going to go to an outside concert this evening but have decided the weather is too iffy. They are leaving around midnight for the drive back to New Jersey and I can understand them not wanting to get soaked in a thunderstorm first!

Last night we had dinner at Mom and Dad's. For some reason last night Ivy decided to be The Tramp's Shadow. Pretty much wherever he sat, there she was. Earlier in the day she wouldn't have anything to do with him. I can't figure out her fuzzy little brain! LOL

Ngaire was as usual. A (mostly) perfect lady.

The Tramp built me a footstool! A large footstool. It's to go under the counter where I sit at my computer. My aching legs can't wait to use it! We stopped at Hancock's yesterday for padding and bought a remnant of upholstery fabric during our browse around the State Fairgrounds Flea Market. Today we covered the top. *happy dance*

Nice, huh? And functional! Lucky me. It fits perfectly and the fabric even matches my chair. Ha! Who knew!

Moving to another room, this is how my sewing area looked this afternoon.

All messy cosy with my leaders and enders project to my right, the scrap bin to my left, sewing gadgets all around. But my goodness! What's that??? On the side table. Yep, it's my Featherweight.

Don't get me wrong. I love my Featherweight, but why is it there, with the big, new, shiny, expensive Bernina Aurora 440 in my sewing table??? As Ngaire mentioned in her post, I really do get bent out of shape when my sewing machine isn't working properly. And I'm here to warn you that I'm majorly bent at the moment. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I sat down to make a little sling bag for MD. After the Bernina was adjusted at the shop on Tuesday, I used the machine with the BSR on it, and then to sew the binding on a table topper. Hard to tell anything is wrong while freemotioning, but it was acting kind of weird with the walking foot and I thought maybe my walking foot was out of whack. I put the 1/4" inch foot on today and YIKES! Look at it. Do you see what I see? It's not the needle.

That puppy is crooked. I tried all my feet and the whole presser bar/foot assembly is skewed. Some of the feet I can't even use! It makes it darned hard to sew a straight line. I am STEAMED. Has the word "lemon" cropped up before? Yes it has. This machine has been faulty from the get go and I'm really angry now. The shop is an hour away and I'm signed up for a class there next Saturday and I need this machine for it. I guess they're going to hear from me on Monday. Oops, no! Dang it. Tuesday. Holiday....sigh. I betch it's gonna be a looooong week of driving back and forth. Hissssssssssssss.

Sorry...did I speak my mind? :-D


Lynn said...

I know how that feels - I thought my machine was fixed and I was doing some quilting tonight and the feed dog is still broken -arrgh. Mine will have to go back too. At least it's going to be cooler and less humid for all the running around we'll have to do

Tine said...

Oh no!!! I hate it when my machine is at the shop :-(
I can only imagine how you must feel. I hope it an easy-peasy thing to fix! I love your sewing table! The lowered machine makes for a big quilting-table.Yay! Must put one of those on my wish-list!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I feel awful for you...when you have a machine that is worth as much as that it should never fail...I hope you get it all resolved quickly and that you manage your class on Saturday.

Tricia said...

How old is your machine? If this is a new machine and is under warranty, push for a replacement! Girl, I bought two machines last Oct from my local dealer, my little embroidery machine gave me fits, I would take it in and they would "fix" it and send me home only to have me have huge issues with it. I honestly thought I was going pycho. They would tell me I had threaded it wrong, I hadn't adjusted something right, they couldn't be in control of what happened at home because they weren't there...LOL! (True, but...) I finally lost it (I have a pretty long fuse, but when it is used out). I told him I wasn't taking it home, that I wanted my money back, the machine had spent more time in the shop than home sewing. He had his people sew on it and had the company replace the machine. I hope yours ends well, nothing is more frustrating than wanting to sew and the machine won't work
quilt hugs

Anita said...

One of my friends bought the new Bernina last year and right in the middle of doing an embroidery it would quilt. She finally got the dealer to give her a new one and same thing happened. She was on her 3rd one and not enjoying it so another lady in our group with a 2170 Pfaff traded with her and now they are both happier. Don't know why a machine will work for one and not another.

Beth said...

You know how much I love your featherweight. For me, it looks like it belongs there

I agree. See if they will take it back.

Library Gal Quilts said...

Hi there, I hope they will take it back. I would not keep a machine that cost that much. It has a warranty. Silly question but if you paid by credit card, you have more clout than if you wrote a check. I bought mine with American Express, although I think all cc companies help with this, they will go all the way to resolve this. It wouldn't hurt to call if that helps. I recently purchased a "gently" used Bernina and it arrived with a broken (cracked BSR) and AMEX refunded my $$ and is going after the people that sold it to me. So, good luck and hope you get to sewing soon.