Monday, August 4, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

Nancy has issued a challenge (request? meme?). List 10 of your favorite things. Okay.....

Hmmmmmm. Golly gosh this is harder than it seems. My mind has gone conveniently blank!

1. The Tramp - may the honeymoon never end. *XXX*
2. My family - *hugs*
3. Watching the birds - don't know why, but they fascinate me.
4. Watching my garden grow - watching being the operative word, since actively participating in gardening during the North Carolina summertime means sweat, mosquito bites, and skin rashes...bleaahhh. (to say nothing of the spiders and snakes *shiver*)
5. Fabric - no surprise here!
6. Color - or maybe I should say the ability to see colors. Either way, it's pretty magical.
7. My Mac - or rather the connection to the wider world it provides. *waving to you* :-)
8. The moon - ummmmmmm...hard to explain really.
9. My dogs - what's not to love?
10. Playing handbells

Another fave is grandchildren. And today I received this!

Well dang it! Blogger isn't taking photos today....sigh. Grand #2 had sound waves bounced off of him again today. Yes! They think he's a him! Oh well, we'll try to post the picture tomorrow.

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