Friday, August 15, 2008


I was recently complaining that my design wall was badly placed and too small. The Sailor Son went out to Home Depot with me on the weekend to get two 4x8 sheets of foam insulation and it was great he was here to help The Tramp rearrange furniture too. On Monday I bought nine yards of cheap flannel (on sale) at Joann's and my Dad came over to help me attach it to the insulation boards.

I've done this three times before and each time I used a different method to attach the flannel to the board! I think I've finally got it right now. We used hot glue and it worked like a charm. Why didn't I think of that before??? Sheesh. Anyway, the wall is up and I'm hugely pleased. :-D

Today I put together the Block Party pinwheel blocks I won at a quilt guild meeting...back in February I think. The quilt will be donated to my guild for the Heritage Day Quilt Auction. The proceeds of the auction go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Eastern North Carolina and the Capital Quilters Guild.

I won 25 blocks (I think there were three winners. That's a lot of blocks!). Thank goodness there was an extra, since one of them was fully a half an inch too small. Ten inches instead of ten and a half. There was just no way I could fudge that! I'll add it to the back of the quilt somehow since it's too pretty to not use. All in all, most of the blocks were pretty square and appropriately sized. Putting them together is an interesting exercise since we all have slightly different experience, talents, methods, and machines. We were given the black and white fabrics and added the others ourselves. The colors are pretty spectacular don't you think?

The photos are kind of dark...sigh. In this one you can kind of see the design wall too. Nice. :-) Just one of the many blessings I need to be thankful for.

(I've been noticing that most of my photos list to the right. Hmmmmmmmmm.)


JudiA said...

It drives me crazy when people can't follow directions for a size in a group project... how clever of you to put the odd block on the back. I am certain your quilt will fulfill wonderful dreams! Your design wall is the stuff of MY dreams. Sounds like you had a wonderful week!

Tine said...

Those pinwheels are beautiful! And so is your design-wall!