Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oh! It's been a week!

I've been kind of staying away from my computer as I've been having so much neck/shoulder pain. Sitting here seems to make it worse. But since yesterday it's been better, so I'm going to hopefully catch up with blog reading and posting today. I've also been fighting (read: bad language and tears) with my Janome on the quilting frame for several weeks. After taking the machine to be serviced (expensive and useless) I found and joined two Yahoo groups, Gracemachineframe and PfaffHobbyGrandQuilter for consolation and advice. WONDERFUL! Today is a better day!

So let me see.... First I made two yoga mat bags from Amy Butler's Nigella Yoga Bag pattern. They went together easily. Very good for my bruised sewing psyche. I'm sending one off to Eldest Daughter (surprise honey!...yes that's why I asked the color of your yoga mat).

Then my package came from Keepsake Quilting. That always brightens up a day! Quilt shops always seem to know that taking a little bit of trouble with their packaging gives their customers a real boost. :-)

Woooohoooo! 50 fat quarters of 1930s repro fabrics. *rubbing hands together with glee* if I had nothing else going on, I also participated in the Bargello Bowl. I finished it last night...well, no borders yet, but I'm loving the colors. It's the first time I've relaxed and used (reasonably) random scraps and it was fun!

Today I'm going back to the quilt frame to see what I can accomplish with it. I've go so much lined up waiting to go on the frame it's scary! Wish me luck.


Katie Jean said...

very nice bags! I'm dying at the sight of those 30's repros. I love them!

Thimbleanna said...

Nice Yoga Mat bags! And that Keepsake package is awesome -- love those fabrics!

meggie said...

Nice work there with the bags, & the Bargello looks great.

Lovely package, would certianly brighten anyone's day!

Every time I see Belle's little face on the side there I just smile at her!

Tracy said...

What a yummy package!

I love your Bargello Bowl quilt, great job!

Ginger Patches said...

That bargello is gorgeous! And oh my goodness I want your 30's fat quarters!!!

Marcie said...

Great looking bargello! Isn't it fun! I will add you to the list on my blog-I played with them also!

Linda_J said...

Love how your bargello is turning out. Nice and bright! You must have quite a collection of brights judging from how the Carolina Crossroads came out too.

Norma at silverthimble quilting and I started one last weekend but both of us had to set them aside during the week. We plan to be back at it again this Sunday.

I love how the scrappy trips that Dawn and Marcie are doing look and almost wish I had tried that instead.

I still have a ton of strips to use to try THAT one out. Never any shortage of ideas out is there?

I am a 30's repro nut as well so I can't help but wonder what pattern you have chosen for them.

Eileen said...

Like your bright and cheerful Bargello. Want to see it finished.

Sew Prim Khris said...

Wow your bargello is really funky it...hugs, Khris

jen said...

The bargello quilt is such a great way to use up scraps! Always on the lookout for ideas ;-)