Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Friday

I really enjoy the view from my computer desk. :-) It's been pretty cold for the past two days but the flowers seem to have survived ok.

I've also been feeding the flocks of birds. The Tramp commented on how colorful the birds are here. I hadn't thought about it but he's right. We had the same birds in New Jersey, just not so many and they were dirty city birds and these are bright, clean country birds! The more colorful are Cardinal, House Finch, Robin, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Downy Woodpecker, Bluebird, Blue Jay, Goldfinch and Yellow-throated Sparrow. There are also Juncos, Carolina Chickadees, "regular" Sparrows and some fleeting glimpses of birds I haven't identified yet. Then up high in the sky are the hawks and turkey vultures. They can stay way up there as far as I'm concerned. Belle would just be a small snack for them!

This Cardinal seemed to be pretty content sunning on his rock.

This one was probably eyeing the thistle feeder stuck on the window though after a while I got the feeling he was watching me!

This week I finished a charity quilt. Just a simple disappearing nine patch with a flannel back.

I really wanted a Raggedy Old Annie of my own so I ordered a pattern from Nicole. Mine is named Rosie. I finished the sewing tonight and she just had her coffee bath. I had to find a safe place do it and we ended up in the tub!

I had bought one of those retractable clotheslines a while ago and we never put it up. The Tramp put it up for me this evening so Rosie could drip coffee into the tub. It was easy enough to hang up her clothes but I had to think about how to hang Rosie from the line. Then it dawned on me. She has her own built in hangers! LOL She certainly looks happy enough!

So between the coffee and our dirty footprints the tub is going to need a really good scrubbing in the morning! Yikes.


meggie said...

Your Daffodils, the birds, lovely photos!

Keep Belle safely tucked away!

JudiA said...

We have our spring bird invasion too, but no cardinals, alas. What a flashy boy he is! Your rag dollie is already as cute as can be. I look forward to seeing her all dressed and wigged.