Monday, December 7, 2015


Hmmmm.  I'm having to use Firefox for posting as for some reason Blogger has made it hard to use Safari.  Grumble, grumble.  Ok.  Rant over.

Thanksgiving was a wild and busy weekend.  The Tramp and I live a quiet life so having four young children underfoot for 3 1/2 days was new and wonderful.....for 3 1/2 days anyway.  ;-)

I did lots of sewing to prepare for the weekend and took only a couple of pictures of what I made.   That's how busy we were!  The daughters and Five have fall birthdays so we were able to have cake and presents.  I made bags for the girls and $ made the boy happy.  I'm sure it will go towards Lego.  I made sure everyone had a small giftie at the table.  Fancy chocolates for Mom and Dad and ten fun pillowcases for everyone else.  We declared it an "un-birthday" and sang "Happy Birthday to Me"!

Since The Tramp's pillowcase lives in this house I could at least get a photo of that one.  :-)

Thanksgiving dinner was a great success and there was lots of other time for fun too.  Cousins enjoyed being together.  I made some gluten-free playdough.

Lego was everywhere and we found new things to watch on the TV.

I love this photo.  They each had a tablet, but mostly they preferred sharing.

The weather was warm and sunny so we made sure to visit the parks.

 Funny faces!

Five decided to be a chicken on a nest.  lol

Batman insisted on trying to take a selfie.

 But posed nicely when we convinced him the big camera doesn't work like a camera phone.

The Sailor Son bought a remote control boat about two years ago.  After one use we couldn't find the battery and charger anywhere!  The boys ask about it everytime they visit.  Well guess what I found in the treadle drawer in the guest room when I was getting ready for guests?  Yep.  There it is.....and his secret stash of chocolate!  :-)

So we had boat time too.

Everyone also enjoyed helping put up the outdoor lights.  This weekend we decorated indoors.  Now I have to finish sewing gifts and shopping for gifts!

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Anonymous said...

what a wonderful happy time,such a lovely post Kate xx