Monday, December 21, 2015

It's getting closer!

All the secret Christmas sewing is just about done.  Now I just have to remember to take pictures of everything before I wrap it, or as it is unwrapped.  I don't have a good track record with photo taking during the excitement so I can only hope.  :-)

The photos with Santa are trickling in.  I'm hoping for more!

The weather has been unusually warm so we've been able to spend time outside.  "Look Nini!  I decorate my rock!"

A little garland makes for a lot of fun.

Warm or cold, Maisy never settles down on a cold hard floor.  Piglet's bed is a better option.

I shoved one of Maisy's beds into the empty space under my sewing machine tables.  Our dogs are not cuddly with each other.  We were amazed to observe these two least for a few minutes. 

It's been great weather for walks.

The Tramp and I enjoyed the Raleigh Ringers concert at Meymandi.  Fabulous as always!

The Viking has to put up with all the sewing and being dragged around Christmas shopping.   He's been so good and on this day earned his candy cane ice cream.

Not a flattering photo, but it was a cute moment.  He was very concerned about the motif on his t-shirt.  "But my heart don't want to be broken!"  Happily, he forgot about it quickly and went back to playing.  :-)

Today was a good day for building forts.  I pressed three sewing machines and my desk chair into service as supports.

I had the silly idea that he might nap under there.  Nope.  He never stopped talking for a moment, but it kept him busy while I finished up another project.

Piglet got serious about napping though.

The weather has cooled down some in the past couple of days and become more seasonal.  And this is the last day without rain until Friday so we took advantage of it with a couple of outings.  He's saying, "Cheese-smile," like it's one word.  At least I got him to stand still for a hot second.  :-)


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