Monday, October 5, 2015


We are giddy with excitement.  The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow!  Woot!

Holy cow.  Twelve days in a row with measureable rain.  That ties the record set way back when.  Not  happy South Carolina is suffering so badly though.  Or that crops are damaged and there is still coastal flooding.  The pond is brimful and very brown, but didn't overflow.  Our neighborhood is quite relieved.  That low-lying house down at the end there is the one that suffers the most.

The dogs were extremely giddy when it cleared enough to go for a walk.

Not so exciting was a trip to the allergist.  A first time for me.  I itch.  All over.  All the time.  It would be nice to figure out the cause.  I can tell you I was giddy with relief when the tests were done and that extra itching died down.  45 pricks!  Ouch!

Poor Ngaire had an abscessed tooth removed.  She's an old girl and it is with almost giddy pleasure I can say she is back to her normal crotchety self.  Poor sweetie.  When we got home she was so stoned on anesthesia and pain killers I just sat on the floor and let her drool on my jeans.  Glad that's over!

Some folks are giddy with new experiences.  Stardust has not one, but two new pets.  Meet Mr. Squibbles and Mr. Nibbles.

 And Halloween is coming!!

And some of us are pretty much giddy on life.  Every experience be experienced!  Take laundry day for instance.  "Look Nini!  I have a rain cloud!"  (my nightgown...sigh)

Riding the train at the mall.  Such joy.

Going to the Carolina Hurricanes pre-season carnival and getting to watch "the hockey."  With hotdog and popcorn of course!

Giddy with relief that the shoulder doesn't require surgery.  The white stripe is inflammation.  So more work to be done on that.

And very giddy with excitement that Soledad is finished.  I have also changed her name to Lily.  As in gilding the lily.  I realized that had to be her name because I couldn't stop gilding her.  One hopes in the end I didn't over do it.  :-P

There is no explanation for this dog.

This is a bit more understandable.

On that note.  I think I should go to bed too.  Tomorrow I can finish clearing the Sandbox of all the dollmaking detritus and work on something else.  What a giddying thought!  :-D

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