Friday, December 7, 2012


You gotta watch me.....all the time.   Today was no different than usual.  Sigh.  All my techie gadgets give me no end of trouble (some of it not my fault! really!).  The Tramp is my geek god.  (there should be some sort of balance there, don't you think?)  For a couple of days my laptop has been locking up for no reason that I could see.  It's made by Apple for goodness sakes.  I expect it to be trouble free.  (cue laughter from behind the other desk in the Sandbox)   As a trained professional The Tramp worked on the issue for several days, asking me questions which I have no answer for, browsing forums for answers from people who hopefully do, opening the machine up and putting it back together again,  disconnecting and reconnecting all the peripherals, backing it up in case it had fatal problems and almost deciding we were going to have to take it to the Apple Store.  Bummer.

On the desk, attached to the laptop, I have an additional monitor, a bluetooth keyboard and the Apple Magic Mouse.  Because the Magic Mouse can be such a pain sometimes, I have a "regular" wireless mouse as well.  After my screens froze again this afternoon and I fussed and whined for a bit, The Tramp asked if the dongle for the second mouse was plugged in somewhere.  "Yes," I said.  "Where do you keep the mouse?" he asked.  "Right here, kind of out of the way in this memo cube," I answered.   "Ah," says he.  "Just dumped in there so the mouse buttons are pressed?" Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooo.  I really do need to be watched.  ;-)

Julianne knows this too.  This quilt top was due yesterday.  (oops)  But I got it done today in record time.  Whew.

Ivy and I went for a walk early Thursday morning.  It was cold, and now it's supposed to get up in the 70s again in a few days.  Crazy.

It was trash day and also leaf pickup day, so there were massive piles of leaves all along the roads.  Ivy thought they were put there just for her to walk through.  :-)

When we got home I had to de-leaf and de-pine needle her.

The breeze that was freezing my ears was doing neat things to the reflections in the pond.

 What's that on our roof?

Wow.  That must have been some big bird!  I wonder what's been hanging out up there.

This round of leaves are gone.

Today was another Project FeederWatch observation day.  Once again I got the impression the birds were watching me.  :-)

Isn't he a cheeky fellow!

This evening we sat for a while in the dark and watched our Christmas lights twinkle.  Nice.


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Lynn said...

Turkey Vultures, I bet that's what was on your roof.