Thursday, December 6, 2012


This is a pre-emptive post.  Pre-empting the phone call from New Zealand wondering if we are still alive.  Tee hee.

As I gathered the photos (warning! photo heavy) they all seemed to relate in some way to "looking."  So here goes.....

My mermaid is looking kind a decapitated Venus de Milo.  I've bought and borrowed some beads and am looking forward to embellishing her "tail."

I made another Tiny World pin cushion on the weekend and gave it away at quilting bee in Monday.  I think it will be enjoyed.  I'm pretty sure it looks better than my lousy photo.  :-)

Look at that!!  The last four of the set of six memory quilt tops are finally done and delivered.  Whew!

And looky here.  Mom is helping me cut out the circles for two of the above quilts.  ED, LZF and the Viking joined us for Thanksgiving weekend.  They brought along their two small dogs, Patrick and Bella.  Bella is a strange little rescue who doesn't like anybody, but look!  There she is cuddling up to Mom.  And now when I look even closer I'm noticing that Mom's knitted vest matches my quilt.  :-)

The Viking turned seven weeks old while he was here and his bright eyes took in everything, though we were never quite sure exactly what he was looking at.

"Look at the camera!"  The Sailor Son and boys were here too and cameras were flashing all weekend.

And when you give the camera to small children you never know what you will get!

Here is Dad looking very pleased to be photographed with his namesake great-grandson.

Even The Tramp helped me out with a few minutes of babysitting, happy he could still look at his computer monitors while doing it.  :-)

While the "youth" were out doing a bit of Black Friday shopping I found myself suddenly in charge of three small children, but we all survived.  (Oh goodness.  Please don't look at me!)

"Look at me, Mimi!  I'm walking the dog!"

"Look at me, Mimi!  I'm pushing the baby to the park!"

Some of us enjoyed a lookout position at the top of the "spiderweb."

"Look Mimi.  No hands!"  (Gulp.)

Yep.  They plumb wore me out.

Ok Charlie.  I'm looking at you too.

Look carefully.  There are three dogs in this photo!  You'd think black dogs would be poorly camouflaged.




We were shopping in Staples last week and The Tramp called me over to look at this display of six Epson printers.  Someone had fun with the shelf labels and we got a good chuckle out of it.

Our other house is looking so much better!  Repairs have happened, it's been painted inside and out, flooring is in progress, a bit of roof repair is still to be done and some landscaping along the front.  After a thorough cleaning hopefully it'll be on the market in a week or two.  Yay!

There are blooming Christmas Cacti to look at all around the house.  They've bloomed at Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Valentines Day, but never ever Christmas.  Heh.

It's been a year since I last made Chop for Charlie.  It's a cooking and chopping marathon.  Thank goodness I don't have to do it very often.

Looks pretty good!  Tastes fine too.

Ready for the freezer.

Ah look!  I've used this bag three times.  I wish I could cook for us just once a year!  :-)

I've also joined Project FeederWatch.   This means I'm spending some quality time looking out the front window.   The summer birds are gone and the winter birds are showing up.  I'm also playing around with my new camera which has a 20x zoom.  Very cool.

Sometimes it looks like the birds are looking back at me.


Jenny said...

Hi Katie

There's certainly a lot going on in your life lately. what with quilts, new baby, family, dogs and parrot!
I rather like the circle quilts you have finished, what a neat pattern!

Lynn said...

Wow! Busy post. Terrific pictures of all the grandkids. It looks like you all had so much fun. I love the teacup pincushion, very cute and the circle quilts are great.
Have you begun Christmas decorating? I am so far behind I'm ready to give up, and start thinking about Christmas next year instead.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Love the circle pretty! and I laughed out loud when I saw the price of those printers...someone has a good sense of humour!