Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday morning

I am seriously unmotivated this AM.  The Tramp is "at work" this morning, sitting at his computer across the room monitoring something or other.  The weather is dull, the house is very quiet, and all around me are bodies in repose.   All I can hear is the clock ticking and the rattle of our keyboards.

Well....he's not totally relaxed.  But Charlie is at least quiet at the moment.  :-)  In fact he is giving himself a good preening, and since he is molting that means white fluff and colorful feathers on the floor.  Wonderful.

Heh.   I really shouldn't show you this.  Ngaire over to my left, laying in a soft cloud of dog toys, sewing scraps and dog hair....mostly hers.  Sigh.  Yesterday I finished prepping 90 t-shirts (two 20 shirt quilts and 50 for a two-sided quilt).  What a mess!

There are little black fluffy tufts of hair from Ivy all over the house.

Oops.  The flash got Maisy's attention.

Oh.  Darn.  There's that pesky vacuum cleaner.   I suppose I better break the silence and use it.  *grumble, grumble*

But not until I've finished my tea!   :-)

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