Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It's all about red these days..  On the toes.....

and in the driveway!  First the red Saturn came home with us.

Then the red Ford.  :-)  We are both very pleased with our "new" cars.  Now we just have to find buyers for the other two in the driveway.  Anybody???

Inside the house it's been all about dog hair lately.  The Tramp gave all the dogs a shower on the weekend.  What a black hairy mess the bathroom was!  With various brushes and combs I've managed to get a full bin of hair off of Ngaire and Ivy in the last week.  This is of course, in addition to what the vacuum cleaners pick up.  It's truly amazing.   It's just like kids really.  No matter how much you love them, there are times you aren't especially in like with them.  But this too shall pass......

In between cars and dog hair (and the endless vacuuming) I've been trying to concentrate on sewing.  Four blocks are finished for the Temecula Summer Star Sew Along.  Block five is waiting for me to finish it before six comes out on Friday.

I put this custom quilt top together for Patchwork Memories.  Julianne's embroidery machine spent days on all those blocks.  In contrast, the pinwheels went together quickly.

This is the 20 block quilt with 39 t-shirts in it.  I think it came out very well.

And this is two custom wall hangings.  It was a bit tricky working with a some heavy sweaters and fleece jackets but they came out all right in the end and I hope the client will enjoy them.

We haven't been hearing much from the ESD in New Zealand, I think she's running on very little sleep these days.  I love this photo of Grand #3 and Magenta.  I wonder what he's thinking?  :-)


Lynn said...

Love the new red vehicles. We have 3 blue cars, very confusing. Are you selling the others? I may be looking for a good used car soon.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Red is the best!! Looks like you are keeping very busy.... the t-shirt quilt is awesome. Haven't worked on mine in a week... need to get the last row done before school starts... gotta find my mojo again.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Thanks