Thursday, June 2, 2011

A very nice week so far

Saturday we went up to the Raleigh-Durham Caged Bird Society pet bird fair at the State Fairgrounds.  It was a happy accident that I found out about the society and the fair the day before from the Parrot Nation weblog.  Thank you Patricia!  One of the buildings at the fairgrounds was chock full of birds, cages, toys, more birds, and everything else you can think of for pet birds.  There were some competitions and also many society members showing off their pets.  Of course we bought some stuff for Charlie.  :-)

This gentleman was showing off his captive bred Eurasian Eagle Owl.  It's the largest type of owl in the world.  We were able to stroke it's very soft back. 

Wish I'd had my good camera!

One of the vets had a tame Muscovy duck with a broken leg, a stray that had been brought to his clinic.  You can see the pins through the injured left leg.  They will be removed after three weeks.  There were so many interesting people to talk to.  I've joined the society and look forward to going to my first meeting. 

As far as sewing is concerned,  I'm very excited that Quilt Symposium starts today.  :-)  I have classes with Pepper Cory, Eileen Sullivan and Frieda Anderson.  Tuesday, I spent all day assisting the quilt judges as a "fanner."  I had no idea what a fanner was but it turns out it's a person who holds the quilts for the judges to view.  The quilts start out laying flat in a pile on a table and you (and a partner) fold them back slowly one at a time to give the judge an overall view of the whole category.  I guess that's where the "fanning" comes from. 

Then we held them up when asked to and the scribes took down the judges ratings and comments and we "held" or "released" quilts.  I got to work with Karen Kay Buckley.  I learned so much from watching her and listening to what she had to say about each quilt.  Of course my quilt was across the room with another judge and each time Karen made a comment about the workmanship on a quilt in our stacks, my heart kept sinking because I know the flaws in my own quilt! 

The "held" quilts were then judged by all three judges together.  I thought my arms were going to ache the next day from all the holding up of heavy quilts, but it was fine.  :-)  We even finished ahead of schedule so I ended up with a free day yesterday!

I've also started sewing for Patchwork Memories.  Julianne's business is making t-shirt and memory quilts, and bears.  This is the first t-shirt top I've put together and the free time yesterday meant I was able to finish it.  And before any of my children read this and comment....yes I know I have a huge bin of your t-shirts up in the attic.  I have no more excuses now, do I.  :-)

Those shirts came to me already prepared.  (cut and interfaced)  So in preparation for doing some of that work myself I bought this new toy. 

The Symposium committee appealed to our inner Donna Reed and asked us to make aprons for a silent auction.  Monday evening I finally got around to it and made a retro child's apron with a matching one for an 18" doll.  I haven't done any garment sewing for so long and I think it's probably 20 years since I've used packaged bias tape!  All the aprons will be auctioned off during Symposium to raise money for the Interfaith Food Shuttle.

And yesterday, so I could try out my new steam press, I messed around with making a couple of Snap-Happy II bags.  The steam press makes it soooo easy to fuse on the interfacing and fusible fleece.  Why had I never thought to buy one before??  The bags "snap" closed because there is carpenter's metal measuring tape in the casing at the top.  They're cute!  :-)

Symposium registration starts later this afternoon.  I can't wait to see all the quilts hanging properly and have some quality time with the vendors.  Hee hee!  And this morning I'm going to have fun gathering everything I need for my classes.  And cleaning house.....not so much fun.  :-D

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