Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day weekend

This weekend the Sailor Son brought the grands down for an overnight visit.  I made a simple pillow out of pirate fabrics and had the boys help me stuff it and wrap it.  Grand #1 is very much into pirates so he couldn't contain himself waiting for the gift to be opened.  He spilled the beans several times during dinner about the "pirate pillow present."  :-)  Sailor Son was pleased though and didn't mind posing with it.

And Grand #1 just had to wear his dad's Spongiest Dad pin.

They are good boys and we thoroughly enjoyed their antics.  It looks like I'm gritting my teeth but we are loudly saying "CHEESE!"

I carried the Father's Day gifts and toys down to Mom and Dad's house in my Schlepping Bag.  The grands found another use for it.  :-)

We slapped around in Mimi's flipflops.

Danced in Daddy's shirt.

Showed our toys to Papa.

Discussed sleeping in buckets with Nanny.  (you had to be there)

 Fed the ducks and turtles.

Slipped and dunked our foot in the pond.

Then offered it to the turtles.

And all in all had a really great time.  Sunday we stopped at Walmart to get them new summer pajamas and they were thrilled with Green Lantern and Spiderman sets.  Grand #2 spent most of Sunday telling us, very seriously, "Me Batman!" and correcting us when we used his name.  On Monday, because he had was wearing a Spiderman shirt it was, "Me Spiderman!"  But of course Spiderman is hard to say when you're only 2 so it comes out as "Ironman."  The Sailor Son straightened me out on this point.  LOL  It seems life revolves around superheros right now.  Woe to those of us who are ignorant!  :-)

We also checked out the bird house.  We're up to four!

Before they had to leave at mid-day we managed to get in lunch at Barry's Cafe where I had to explain no we couldn't play with the firefighter memorabilia on display, a trip to the bookstore, where of course we played with the wooden trains rather than looked at books.  :-)  And a short visit to the park for a some time on the "fwing!" before it got too hot.  So happy in our Batman Crocs and Transformers shirt.  Oh to be young!


Jenny said...

What a lovely time was had by all! Such lovely boys, the littlies plus your big one too, of course. Down here in NZ, Fathers's Day is in September.

Bonnie said...

what a great feel good post....I smiled all the way through your weekend. Thanks for sharing it with your readers...

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

What cute little guys! I bet they had a blast!