Saturday, November 27, 2010

Leaves, leaves ....and MORE leaves!

Today was another glorious fall day On The Pond. Since all the leaves are down except for the oaks, we celebrated with rake and leaf blower....and by way of a mid-day break, a trip to Walmart. I suppose it's because of Thanksgiving holiday travel, but in our short walk through the Walmart parking lot we saw quite a variety of license plates. North Carolina of course, but also South Carolina, several from California, Alabama, New York, Pennsylvania, and even Alaska! Since the parking lot was full, I'll bet there were many more vehicles with interesting tales to tell....though maybe not as interesting as a driving to and from Alaska. My goodness!

Our street is a private road, one lane and narrow. And since our property is in one of the "corners" of the oval we have almost no frontage. Where to put all the danged leaves can be a dilemma...especially as we still want to receive mail. :-) We ended up having to pile some on the pond side of the road though I kind of hate to do that. These are the initial four piles. We made them quite a bit larger this afternoon.

But the front yard looks much neater now! I took this before The Tramp blew the driveway clean of leftover leaves and pine needles. Tomorrow we tackle the sides and back. Egads!

On a quilty note, yesterday some of us visited a local quilt shop that's closing. Sad, but I understand....I guess. Bad me, with a cabinet full of UFOs, couldn't resist a prettily put together kit. I took out the fabrics to stroke them today. Maybe I can do something with them tomorrow. IF, I survive the rake and leaf blower.......

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