Friday, August 6, 2010

Life marching on...or...don't step on the bubble wrap

Well the house isn't sold, but we are buying. Yikes!

Pop, pop! Pop! Darn it, what's that bubble wrap doing on the floor? Pop!

While I fight my way through the boxes, packing paper and...Pop!...bubble wrap, I've been working on a wall hanging...Pop!... for the Middle Daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law. Pop! I want to have the top done so it can be signed by everyone at the wedding.

So far it's looking...Pop!... pretty good. Progress is being made. Despite the bubble...Pop!...wrap. SIGH.

Don't we just look so comfortable snoozing in our sunbeam. Sheesh! Just you wait girls. I'm gonna make you pack your own toys. :-p

POP! (dang it!)

Outside there isn't any bubble wrap.


But the yard has been invaded by something equally unwelcome. I included my toes in the picture for scale. Yowza. We've been invaded by alien toadstool beings!

So what's new with you???

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