Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ace in the Hole

It's done! And it's a slam dunk if I do say so myself. I'm so pleased. The Tramp helped me down off the ledge a few times, gave excellent design suggestions, rearranged my fabrics, and pulled out some poor choices. Love you honey! :-)

Next job is to make sure it gets signed by the guests at Middle Daughter's wedding. After which we move house. When that dust settles I will start stressing over how to quilt it and bind it.

Our little bit of "fun" this weekend was figuring out how Maisy the Innocent, Maisy the Unpredictible, Maisy the Weird, was ending up outside the fence. She digs, but only for voles and toads and smelly things. With her short legs she certainly isn't a jumper or a climber. How the heck? We walked the inside of the fence and didn't see anything. When she disappeared again later in the day we put the dogs back out in the yard and walked the outside of the fence to see what would happen. The Tramp found the broken spot in the fence when she stuck her nose through the hole! We just didn't see it earlier in the day. Sigh....if I can just keep her corralled until the move.....

Just call me Trouble.


Ida said...

One of the most beautiful quilts I've seen. So beautiful.

Barefoot Mama said...

What a beautiful quilt! Nice work!