Thursday, April 22, 2010


No sewing this week. A day at work, time in the garden, shopping, and this....

Mold! Ewwwww! Caused by a leak. Which resulted in ruination of the carpet.....

And removal of this not-so-glamorous-but-perfectly-serviceable kitchen cabinet unit. (It did have doors and drawers before we started taking it apart.)

So the plumber comes tomorrow to cut more holes in the wall and find the source of the leak. Double ewwww.
After the warranty company has the drywall repaired we'll have to install a new sink and vanity and replace the carpet with something more sensible for a powder room. SIGH. Not what you want to be doing when all you want to do is sell the house.

C'est la vie! :-)


Bonnie said...

Yuck. I'm so sorry for you. But, honestly, it is better to have find out and fix it before the house is sold. Then you can do some of the work yourself. Or I'm pretty sure your DH is handy and he'll do the work. No fun to have to hire. Good luck with it.

Any showings?

Meggie said...

Just catching up here. Hate damp & leaks. Good luck with it all.
Love your cherries & the Aunt Grace fabrics!