Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Country Cousin

I'm used to city squirrels...roaming my yard, chattering from the trees, chewing holes in the bird feeders, living in my attic, and even once greeting me face to face when I opened a cabinet in the butler's pantry! *shriek!*

Here in somewhat rural North Carolina we have one squirrel that comes anywhere near the house. Just one. This one squirrel shows up infrequently to browse around the ground under the bird feeders. So here it is. Note the squirrel baffle at the bottom of the bird feeder pole. It blew off again and I haven't gone out to mount it back up on the pole yet. Maybe I shouldn't bother. Never once does our squirrel try to climb the pole, baffle or not. That sure ain't no city squirrel! :-D


Eileen said...

That looks like a HUGE squirrel.. bigger than any we have around here!

Lynn said...

So do you just have 1 squirrel visiting or just 1 polite squirrel and many other rude ones. If you just have 1 I can load up some of ours and drop them off to you. We are inundated with them. Sorry to read about your dog. Hope you are doing better now with the sun out and water problems solved.