Friday, February 13, 2009

What have we been doing?

Spring is just around the corner! Buds and blooms peeking out all over. And to think it's only February. Gotta love living in the south. :-D

We've been renovating! The living room is almost a real living room. It was built as a photography studio so the room was large and dark. Very cave-like. And as of this week...

we have windows! Wooohooo!

and a new back door. (Ack! I need to work on the view from those windows.)

The downspout was rerouted and the guttering repaired.

And on the other side of the room we had the door taken out and replaced with a window.

The new window is next to the brick. The corner where the roofs meet was badly engineered so under the shingles and around the door was all rotted. Ewwwww. That's been repaired also. They even took a sledgehammer to the brick stoop and that's gone too. :-)

Next week these stairs will be covered so they look like real indoor stairs. (I can't wait!) And all the patching and painting will happen (great sighs of delight). Then I can tell the floor people it's time put the floor down (swoon).

Not much sewing happening since I've got most things covered up anticipating the dust from the next room. Ugh.

Though we managed to get Mom's Orange Crush finished just in time for The Tramp's birthday. Mom pieced the center and I put on the borders, quilted and bound it. Much gnashing of teeth over the math for the borders but in the end it came out just fine. :-) Yes that's him, the birthday boy, very carefully not getting into the picture. Get a load of that neon quilt! LOL

And the pillowcases came out ok too. :-)

The dogs approve so I guess we did good!


meggie said...

Happy Birthday to the Tramp.
I love his happy quilt.
Your new room is very spacious looking. lucky you!

disa said...


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