Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dust, dust and more dust. Did I mention dust?

Very little sewing has been happening here because of the renovations (read "dust"). But as of this evening, we have risen up out of the spackle and saw dust, drop cloths and paint fumes and tadaaa!!! We have a living room! No flooring yet, but wow...what a difference from two weeks ago.

I found this photo from the second day we toured the house before we made an offer on it. The addition was purpose-built as a photo studio and was perfectly suited for the purpose. The owner was busy packing up all of her equipment but there were still wonderful portraits on the walls and interesting props and equipment all around.

When we moved in we just used this big room as a dumping ground! What a mess! You can see the outside brick wall, brick steps, outdoor light and back door are in the room. The entry to the crawl space and utility room are in there too.

It was a dark room (which made sense for photography of course) and as you can see we just kept on using it for dumping....sigh.


But now we have windows! And paint! And new lighting!

We treated ourselves to a new fan. :-)

And no more broken brick stairs. Wooohooo! Didn't he do a nice job! The flooring people come tomorrow, then I can get up all the rest of the dust and dirt and paint the trim and stairs. (We won't discuss the layer of dust in the kitchen. You can see it on the floor...sigh.) I can't tell you how much I want to sit and relax in my own living room. After I beat the dust out of the couches of course.

And the main reason for no sewing is this duct in the corner of my sewing room...

which is now nicely boxed in. I just have to paint.

This evening I took all the drop cloths off my tables, fabric and sewing machines and dusted as best I could for now. (That person choking and coughing is me.)

It almost feels like normal in here again. How nice!


Lorraine said...

WOW! Katie....that looks fabulous!! the stairs came up well.....and the room has lost its "add on to the main house" must be thrilled with it....hope you have had a chance to sit down and relax on the dusted sofas.....well done!!!

Tami said...

It looks so much more spacious and airy now with the lighter paint. Here's to a dust free room ASAP. :-)

True Blue Nana said...

That looks great. If you are like me you have to be careful not to fill it up again.

Lynn said...

New room looks great - lucky you and I'm sure it's nice to have your sewing room back. Loved the pictures down below of the ships and your description of the events. That must have really been a sight to see.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

What a great space...renovations are so messy, but well worth it when it is done.

Christina D said...

Hi Katie, Your home looks beautiful!
I remember how much it takes in time,
patience and effort. And the dust!
I like your bright geese. Take care,Christina D