Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ivy's Christmas

Hi Everybody! Ivy here. You may have met me back in August.

This is my first Christmas on The Street With The Funny Name. In fact, Miss Katie thinks it's the first Christmas I've ever celebrated. I think she can tell because things have been so topsy-turvy around here for a few weeks and I sure am confused. The sewing rooms have been a mess with Miss Katie sewing all the time, and there are so many boxes and papers and ribbons around her cutting table that I can hardly find a place to lie down!

I think I know more about Christmas now. We watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" the other night (boy is that Snoopy funny!), and though it was interesting I'm still not sure why all the fuss. :-p Miss Katie and The Tramp seem to think it's all very important and also "fun". It doesn't make sense though, since they get awfully stressed out. But they got all the shopping done and Miss Katie got all her sewing done too. There are certainly lots of fabric scraps on the floor for me to play with! Miss Katie also spent a bunch of time at her computer thingy making labels for quilts and stuff. I think it got frustrating for her since I learned some new words that day! :-p (doggy smiles)

Miss Katie and The Tramp also "decorated" for Christmas. I'm not sure what that word means exactly but it has to do with bringing in lots of boxes from the shed, emptying them all over the house, then complaining about hauling them back to the shed.

There are trees all over the house. But they don't smell like trees and they look funny with stuff hanging all over them. And they light up at night! Mostly I just keep away from them. This is the bird tree, next to our water dish. At least Miss Katie says those are birds all over it. Pretty funny smelling birds if you ask me.

Miss Katie won't let The Tramp use the smoky old woodstove while all this stuff is in the house. She said she doesn't want smoke and ash all over the trees.

This is Miss Katie's Charlie Brown tree. I think it has something to do with that funny dog, Snoopy.

Dogs aren't allowed to play with the Christmas toys....sigh.

Nanny gave us that new toy on the end. It's a 65 Roses bear. She says it has to do with our cousin who has Cystic Fibrosis.

On Christmas Eve, Ngaire and I went for a ride in the back of the car. We drove around and around with Miss Katie, The Tramp and Nanny and Papa. A weird time to go for a ride, it was dark and I couldn't see anything!...except the places where there were lots of bright lights. Miss Katie had her camera and there was lots of talk about whether the pictures would come out. Miss Katie said she would show the best ones here. I think some of these places must use an awful lot of what they were calling electricity. Wow.

At this place there was a traffic jam! We had to wait and wait to get close. And after all that they were giving out candy canes, not dog treats. Sheesh!

And look at that! The Tramp says there's a real tractor under there. A big one!

We finally got back to our house. Ha! Now I know what they were doing out front while we barked at them from the back yard. The Tramp said they are all LEDs...that way he can still afford to feed us! :-p

And that's a snowman. What's snow?

*Snort* (Oops. Miss Katie says to please excuse me.) These are pretty funny. They don't look very much like the red birds in the garden......

Well they don't! :-p

On Christmas day Nanny and Papa came over for breakfast and brought Belle with them. Belle is awfully small but I don't mess with her. She says she's named after Snoopy's sister! I like to lay down and watch her walk around with a silly toy in her mouth. She's almost as funny as Snoopy! Miss Katie made a bacon and egg pie for Christmas brunch. She found the recipe on Joanna's weblog. It was really good...yes we got some too!

Then everybody sat in the other room and made a real mess with ribbon and paper.

Papa was very happy with his "Pie In the Sky" quilt that Miss Katie made.

Miss Katie also made a jacket for Nanny but there aren't any pictures yet since it has to be tried on for size then finished. I wonder if Belle knows there is a bow on her head?

I think she got kind of tired of the whole thing anyway.

I did too...and I like being a footrest for Nanny. :-p

We went over to Nanny and Papa's for Christmas dinner and Mr. and Mrs. Friend came over for dessert. Ngaire, Belle and I really loved all the attention. Sigh.... Life is good. :-p

Merry Christmas!


Tine said...

LOL! I adore the peanut tree!! That is so cute :)
And what a lovely quilt. Pie in the sky! I never saw that pattern before. Very lovely :)

meggie said...

What a lovely post Ivy! Well done!
Hugs from me & Honey & Leo.

Poyla said...

Happy New Year! I mean... *Bark Bark Bark!*