Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ouchies....and quilts

Today I went out to turn the compost heap. I only managed to turn a few forkfulls before the excitement started. What I didn't realize is that right where I was standing in some longish grass was large nest of fire ants. OUCH! I don't think I screamed. I was too busy trying to brush them off! Which you can't! Instead I rolled them up into my pants leg and sprinted for the house.

Mid-way on my run up the yard, I considered stripping outside. I suspect no one who has ever had a disagreement with fire ants would have found it strange. (you know how these thoughts go through your mind in slow motion when you're in a panic) Instead I flung open the back door and screeched for The Tramp. Then I stripped. Gloves, shoes, socks, pants and ants all over the place. The Tramp checked me over quickly and the crisis was over almost as soon as it had started. Damn those things are nasty.

Thank goodness I had on shoes and socks! I tend to schlepp around the yard in flip flops or Crocs. I just have a few welts on my ankles and a nasty one on my wrist. Phew! I know how much The Tramp suffered from stepping into an ant nest earlier in the summer. We've both felt itchy for the rest of this afternoon! :-)

So much for gardening today. Yesterday in the overcast I took some more garden photos. The colors were so intense I couldn't resist. I can't get over how this garden has developed...with minimal effort on my part. Amazing. Last year it was a bit of dried up weed (because of the drought) overshadowed by a huge tree and two-story play house. Besides the bits and bobs I threw in here and there it's been a real adventure seeing what comes up!

It seems Ivy won't miss out on any opportunity to pose under the flowers. :-)

Yesterday morning Mom and Dad and I went to the Durham-Orange Quilters' Guild show at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham. Very nice. Packed with quilts, some great vendors and all in a wonderful venue. Lots of very cool restored brick buildings, with lush gardens and waterfalls. We didn't get to explore everywhere but I'd like to. The grounds also include the Durham Bulls Ball Park and the Durham Performing Arts Center.

You know you're in tobacco country. :-)

We had lunch in the Symposium Cafe.

I just loved the gardens and this little fire fighter.

And oh my, the eye candy inside....

It was quite crowded but we didn't complain! And Dad waited patiently bless his heart.

Another day, another quilt....


meggie said...

Those fire ants sound the pits! So glad we dont have them here.
Love your garden, & Ivy is so sweet.
Thankyou for sharing all the those wonderful quilts.
It was lovely to see patience standing there! Bless him!

Tanya said...

What lovely quilts! I love that blue star one with the wave flowing in the background.

I'm afraid (and happy) that I don't know what fire ants are. Even with them there I'd love to visit your garden.

True Blue Nana said...

I was at the quilt show Friday afternoon and it was really great. I had a hard time deciding on my favorite one. It was nice to look at our pictures and remember how beautiful the quilts were.

My daughter-in-law got into some fire ants the other afternoon when she was picking up the grandson. she was screaming and I ran out. I thought something was wrong with the baby but it was the fire ants.

Julie said...

I know how you feel about the fireants. I once walked up to a wasp's nest (accidentally) and a couple flew down my shirt. Well, I didn't think about anything but getting that shirt OFF! And it came off too - right on the side of the road at West Point Lake! LOL At least I had a bra on.
Your photos are beautiful and your garden is luscious.

Tine said... ants sound horrible! I'm glad you managed as well as you did! Can you imagine what could have happened?? The quilt show looks amazing, and your photos of the individual quilts are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing :-)

Brian said...

We don't have fire ants here in Manhattan, but the cockroaches have hand guns.

Those quilts are really cool. Jennie was sewing some squares this weekend. She is hooked! (is that a pun? are their hooks involved???)

Beth said...

Growing up in Florida, we ran into the fire ants thing all the time.

Oh, the quilts ....they are gorgeous!

Pam said...

Such a great quilt show!! Nice to see a finished Dear Jane - I like to imagine mine finished one day :))

So many quilts on display and some beautiful ones in your pictures.

I hope your better from your fire ant encounter.

And the Bathroom looks wonderful!