Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthdays, Bathrooms and Gardens....

It's been a busy weekend. I'm too tired to sew...too tired to do anything really! So I'm letting my fingers do all the work. :-)

Yesterday we drove up to Norfolk to see The Sailor Son, DIL and Grand #1. G#1 is having his first birthday in two weeks. I can hardly believe it. The Sailor Son will be out to sea on the actual birthday day so we drove up yesterday since the Sailor Dad was having a few days on shore.

There's been a flurry on the Quiltvillechat Yahoo Group about using Walmart "cake takers" to carry sewing projects in. Some folks were having trouble getting them but they have them at the Walmarts around here. Walmart must be wondering about the sudden no less! LOL Bonnie Hunter just mentioned that she thought they were great and all heck broke loose. Pretty funny. (Talk about a fan club!) I bought a few too and used one yesterday and stitched away the three hour drive with my cake taker on my lap. It's just perfect.

We went out for lunch in Norfolk and did some shopping for the little man. Before we had to leave we enjoyed birthday cake. Someone was very anxious to get his hands on that cake!

It was a new experience but he managed just fine. :-D

A little clapping and cheering when he was done....

And then of course....the bath! LOL

We had a lovely visit. And were treated to a spectacular sunset on the drive home. Hard to capture the full glory of it in a photo.

The colors put me in mind of my Old Tobacco Road quilt. I finished sewing the top together last week. Phew! It's quite a job. After all that work I just had to hang it up on the wall one more time to admire the effect. Now for the borders.

Today was Finish The Bathroom Day. Of course I was too tired to take photos when we got done! :-P But boy is it nice. *happy dance* I also did a bit of gardening this morning and spent a little time taking photos. Despite the date on the calendar, the garden is a riot of color. I'm really enjoying the long growing season here!

It's not a big garden but it sure is lush!

I thought the cosmos would never bloom but look at them now! And the plants are huge! They're actually laying on their sides.

The marigolds won't quit either.

The forget-me-nots are going strong and also petunias, impatiens and morning glories.

I'm so pleased to see some of the clematis blooming again also. :-)

The dogs run and run like crazy in this lovely cool weather. And then of course collapse and watch me work. hair never shone like that.

And she's still wearing yellow paint....sigh.

And this nut kept posing amongst the flowers!

Looking for all the world like a calendar dog.....not the mischievous hole digger she actually is! Sigh....

It's like living with a couple of bored two-year-olds...that can run way faster than I can. Keeps me on my toes!


T said...

WOW! Your garden looks almost like pictures from a catalog! What do you have in the water there? And seriously: The posie over the ear pooch pose? Priceless!

Candace said...

What a precious little guy. Maybe you should rename your OTR, Old Virginia Sunset. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures.

Stephanie D. said...

Love the hands in the cake pictures--I'll bet every mom and grandmom on the web has pictures of the first birthday cake!

And I do love that sky!

Brian said...

JOHNNY 5! I have had the pleasure of meeting the lil guy. What a character!