Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Color Splash"

(I started this post last night, then put it aside when we decided on a trip to the library.)

I just finished the blocks for my Scrappy Trips Around The World...while watching a David Bromstad show, The Ultimate Color Guide, on HGTV. I've got the blocks up on the design wall and have been moving them and moving them and moving them. Arrrggghh. I decided to take a photo of it to get a different perspective.

I can see room for improvement. There is a "light" spot in the center...sigh. I'm also trying to figure out what in the world I can use for a border that will compliment it. I thought black, like the Bargello Bowl quilt, but it Just...Looks...Wrong. I'm also wondering about making it larger. Hmmmmmmmmmm........

So I took a break and went outside for some different eye candy. :-) It's been dark and rumbling thunder for about two hours now so colors look more intense. Nice!

Petunia from a seed packet. Who knew they'd come out like this!

Hibiscus in a brief moment of late afternoon sun. It's a much hotter pink than it looks here.

Hot pink geraniums. Yum.

Marigolds, also from a seed packet. More green than flower, but oh those flowers!

Sunflowers next door in front of a dark pink crape myrtle. (I have to get me some of those!)

My neighbor tells me these are Four O'Clocks. I have them everywhere!

French Hollyhocks

Rain on the Bleeding Heart. That there is the total amount of rain we got....sigh.

Hard to improve on nature, isn't it! :-)


Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, I love that new quilt. How fun to be able to move the blocks around and play!

Tine said...

Beautiful flowers! And a beautiful quilt! It's frustrating when it doesn't seem to work it right, I'm sure you'll have it looking stunning in no time.
Putting a border it looks like quite the challenge! When I couldn't make any border work on my daughters I SPY, I ended up adding more blocks and bind it, without a border.
And for my quilt, it worked out perfect :-)

deb said...

I love your colourful quilt, it looks amazing! is that one of Bonnie's patterns? I might have to try it!!

SoozieSuzy said...

Your flowers are fantastic! I wonder if I could sprinkle some seeds around our place and plead ignorance when flowers pop up amongst the native plants. At the moment my flowers are limited to complanion plants for the veges and herbs. The marigolds are fabulous for keeping various pests at bay.

Tanya said...

No, no, no. I cannot see ANY room for improvement! It is so lovely! So cheerful! It is wonderful!