Sunday, March 23, 2008

A lovely day!

My Easter treat from The Tramp.

Easter seemed like the perfect day to try my hand at making Pavlova. Not a native dish for this Jersey girl but it seemed like the sort of day I could get it right. It's always chancy when I'm in the kitchen. :-) I got out the Edmonds cookbook and the New Zealand measuring cups and spoons (thanks batgirl!). I had plenty of time to snap photos while the mixer was whirring away. 15 minutes of mixing! I also had time for a cup of tea, to empty the dishwasher, load the dishwasher..... LOL

The Tramp converted the oven temps to Fahrenheit for me but I got out my trusty ruler to get the centimeters right for the diameter. :-)

While I mixed, The Tramp worked on the woodpile.

It was apparently a success!

Thursday at quilt guild I won a drawing. A lovely little Easter packet of fat quarters from a local shop! *happy dance*

Happy Easter!


meggie said...

Katie, I had to laugh at the Edmonds Cookery book. It was like the new bride's bible in NZ. & we all made many recipes using that as our guide. My mother gave my daughter a copy & I still have a battered old coverless copy. It is so sad, now the famous garden has gone. Y
Your Pav looked perfect to me!

SoozieSuzy said...

I love your blogs about your sewing creations. Sure wish I had a bit of time.

What a fantastic job you did with the pavlova. I swear by Edmonds for lots of things, baking especially, but I have never used their pav. recipe. Well done!

batgirl aka Sue