Saturday, April 14, 2007


I'm still experimenting with how these posts look, but every day I learn something new!

Today is apparently the calm before the storm...the Nor'easter they're predicting. It's a beautiful spring day. The sun is shining and the birds are singing! We are waiting for the power company to come read the gas meter finally. They give 20 minutes notice before they come! I have to go out and get ingredients for a salad as the birthday party for my son-in-law is this afternoon. He's 30! Can you believe it.? I'm not even that old. ;-) Then tonight we are going to a Shiva, something that is out of my experience, so it should be interesting.

All the building inspectors are coming on Tuesday (our house is now under contract) and I have to get busy and get this place cleaned up again. Never any down time....sigh.

The last doll I completed was an epb Zaftig Fire Fairy but she flew away before I got a photo of her. Monique is a birthday gift for my mother, but she is still hanging about with her Widget friends at my house waiting to be shipped. She is strongly resisting being stuffed into a box...I can't imagine why. :-)


Aaaacccck.... The power company came already! Apparently the 20 minutes notice is a joke!!! The meter reader said, "Oh they never do that." Then why do they tell you that when you make the appointment???

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