Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My current Sandbox

This is my current Sandbox. We did over the basement in our little house last winter. I'm not a fan of being "underground" but it served the purpose. It sure was a nice selling point to everyone who recently looked at the house. We had at least 20 groups walk through, 13 of them in the first few days. It took 3 weeks to sell and I'm not complaining!

I took these photos back in July. It's a bit better organized now...just in time for packing and moving!

It's kind of sad that I've done so little sewing in this space....sigh. how do I get the photos in the order I want them??? Where is that book of instructions.....

[Cool....found photo information!]


Tami said...

I really like your ironing board covered island. It looks like such a useful piece of furniture for a working studio space. :-) Will you be able to have a dedicated sewing studio in your new place?

Katie said...

The ironing board is a sideboard from Ikea. It was in a book on setting up a quilting studio. I'll have to find the book.

My new house has a 1500 sq ft studio. I can't wait!