Tuesday, May 15, 2018


This is an experiment in trying to post from my iPad.  For various frustrating reasons, it’s easier not to sit at my iMac at the moment.  So anyway.....   The weather has been spectacular.  As the summer heat and bugs haven’t kicked in yet we’ve been trying to spend as much time as possible on the deck soaking up the breezes.

The sunsets haven’t been too shabby either.

The other morning I managed to spot a baby bunny in the yard before the dogs did.  Yay! Bunny was over in that corner jumping at the fence trying to escape.  So at 7 am I was outside in my pajamas, still bleary-eyed and slow, herding the bunny back out under the gate.  Hmmmm....  Peter Rabbit maybe??  I’m very glad I opted for a 6 ft fence on the street side of the yard!!

After breakfast I tackled mowing the lawn.  There is poison ivy everywhere! Ugh! So out came the spray as well.

The oak tree is looking better as the vines are dying off.

Birthday wishes were received.  

Now this is where I gave up on the iPad experiment in frustration.....about two weeks ago.  I couldn't scroll to write more in the browser and I couldn't find an app I liked to do the job.  So here I am back at the iMac.  The problem is the new desk we found for me.  Well....a used desk, from Craigslist.  It looks great, but it's too high and the monitor is way too high and I get spasms in my upper back after just a few minutes.  Even with the "computer glasses."  Anyway....

I took a picture of the kid and had a bit of fun with a photo altering app on my phone while he played  in the mall play area.  His mother took one look at this photo and said I should make a quilt from it.  Hmmmm.  Not a bad idea.

Precious gets cuter by the day.

And The Viking gets taller and taller.  Look how long his legs are in those shorts!

He will start school in July and he's very ready.  He disappeared upstairs one day, "I have to make a card for you, Nini!"  And this is what he presented to me.  It says "I like everything about you."  Awwwwww.  Be still my heart.  With a drawing of the two of us "by the side of the road." :-)

And speaking of tall, knowing how very tall my daughter is, Stardust is looking tall indeed.

Looking for a small project one evening, I dug out a pattern for making tissue box covers.  Cute and simple to do.  I should make more for around the house.  

I also delved into some garment making, trying to finish up a few old projects I'd hidden away.  This project ended up in the bin.  The pattern too.  Now I know why I didn't finish it.  Too frustrating!!

I made this top last year.

And had been saving this fabric to make one with sleeves.  Not bad.  Possibly not the best match of fabric weight and style, but it's wearable.

I dug out another pattern and fabric.  This shirt has darts and in an effort to get the dart in the right place I dug out my Fitting Finesse book by Nancy Zieman, there in the center of the shelf,

and played with altering the pattern.  

Success!  The darts look good, but the neckline of the finished shirt is way too high and snug.  I'll be able to cut it lower and re-finish it though.  Maybe tomorrow!

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Jenny said...

Hi Katie
So pleased you persevered and got your blog post on line. I've recently got one of those little ipads but don't know how to write a blog with it. I use the lap top and Live Writer programme, so I'll probably stick with that, doing what I know.
Looks like you are having a busy time, as usual, lovely photos of the youngsters, and your new tops.