Saturday, June 3, 2017

Oh murder

The weather has been glorious.  I think this photo says it all.

What you can't see in the above photo are the feathers strewn in clumps on the road and all around the pond.  The Canada geese are molting.  It always gives me a start when I spot the first pile of feathers.  It looks like someone who is fed up with the goose poop has resorted to murder.

Of course no one would do that, though we might turn the air blue as we clean off our shoes....again.  Sigh.  There are two adult geese with no goslings.

Yep.  Poop and feathers everywhere.

And the two with goslings.  Seven eating machines.  With no flight feathers, all they can do all day is eat and poop.  Which they do with gusto.  Sigh.

Of course the dogs find it all very interesting.  :-)

On Wednesday The Viking was in rare form.  This is his lunch, which he insisted on eating for breakfast.  Peanut butter and strawberry jam.  "It's JELLY Nini!"  Oh.  He made sure I knew exactly how he feels about jelly.  I got a lecture.  This is the gist....  "I don't like jelly.  I don't like any kind of jelly.  It makes me feel awake.  The funny kind of awake.  The pretend awake.  The kind of awake from coffee.  That kind of pretend awake."  Amazing child!  Now we are all trying to figure out where in the world he learned about caffeine!!

He cheered up after he ate the sandwich he "doesn't like" and played happily ("Nini!  Come look at my house!")  until we went off to the hospital to pick up Mom and Dad.

Dad had a few hours in emergency with a painful knee.  Tests didn't show anything dangerous going on, so after a day or so of being cautious and using the rollator, he is back to his normal cheerful self.

In my free time I got on with quilting the denim, and this evening put the tote bag together.  Not bad for my first try.  Looking forward to working on the next one.  :-)

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Lorraine said...

Ha...gotta love kids and their reasoning. Its been a while since I having a catch up on blogs this morning while I procrastinate on what to sew next! Too many choices I think! Probably just as well you don't have more geese at the lake....given the couple that are there provide enough poop and feathers already!