Sunday, May 28, 2017

Wild Quilting

Back to typing with my ergonomic keyboard today.  Yay!  The poor Tramp unplugged, replugged, restarted, rebooted, removed and replaced batteries all multiple times and somehow when it was all done it worked.  Phew.

Today I got a start on quilting a couple of tote bags.  One is for a guild swap and the practice one is for me.  I had a bee in my bonnet that I wanted to quilt on denim.  To that end I got out some of my quilting books, browsed my Pinterest quilting design photos and the ones on my computer, and fired up and watched a Craftsy class again.  Wild Quilting with Christina Cameli.  I need lots of practice to compete with her.  Wow.

Yesterday I cut and interfaced denim and linings.  Today I rewatched some of the Craftsy class and then I put on my big girl panties and started quilting.  ;-)  That first stitch is always the hardest.  Sigh.

All the front pieces for the practice tote are done.  And now I'm planning on a good night's sleep before I move on to the larger back piece.  :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie wow your FMQ is amazing your bags are going to look fantastic,well done xx

Jenny said...

Wow - if these are only practice pieces, what will your work be like once you really get the hang of this quilting lark??
Only kidding of course, the quilting is fantastic!!

Bonnie said...

I'd say your practice looks fabulous. You'll have an amazing bag for yourself unless you decide to use it for your swap.