Monday, October 3, 2016


It seems to be all about fungus in the neighborhood these days.  I see it all over the place when I go for my walk in the morning.  So many different kinds.  This is just in our backyard!  I thought this first one was quite beautiful.  And you can see how big it is.

I've been walking a couple of miles each morning with one or other of the dogs.  This morning was Maisy's turn.  This was before sunrise and the streetlights were still on.

The interesting just-before-sunrise sky reflected nicely in the pond.

The dog of course, couldn't understand why I kept stopping her fun to aim my phone at the sky.  :-)

Mom and Dad needed to do a few errands so The Viking and I took them off to the mall.  As long as he can have some time in the play area he doesn't mind.

I bring my knitting so I don't mind either!

One of the errands was to buy Mom a cane.  The physical therapy for her hip has progressed very well and she can't wait to stop using the rollator.  The therapist is going to teach her how to walk "properly" with a cane.  Cane lessons. Who knew!

After lunch, the weather was so beautiful The Viking and I stopped at a park.  I knit and he ran and ran and ran and ran and ran with a small crowd of little boys.  Excellent!

And on the way home he insisted on checking his map.  lol

Starting a couple of small quilting projects tomorrow.  I need to get some gifts made!

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Lynn said...

Beautiful pictures! Maybe we'll see you at the playground. That's our favorite one.