Monday, July 11, 2016

Bright and new

We stayed close to home, but other parts of the family traveled to be together over the 4th of July weekend.  The Viking had a wonderful time hanging out with his Cousin Stardust.

All ready to go to the 4th of July parade!

The Sailor Son and his boys were there too.

The penguin lover finally got to see the real thing!

And he got to cuddle up with Stardust's guinea pig,
Mr. Squibbles.  Awwwwww.

The little kittens I made for Stardust were a hit too.  :-)

The Tramp and I had a quiet holiday weekend at home.  We were also taking care of an extra dog while The Viking and his family were away.  Patrick and our Ivy are not happy about loud noises and we had thunderstorm after thunderstorm, to say nothing of fireworks.  Poor things.

I arbitrarily decided it was also an ideal time to take the old Singer 201-2 apart and give it a full spa treatment.  While I degunked and oiled the innards and polished up the outside, The Tramp started rewiring the potted motor.  We did all we could then I cleaned up the mess and put it safely aside.  A few parts have been ordered so we can finish the job soon.

I also visited a hand specialist for some help with the osteoarthritis that's developing in my hands.  Sigh.  Getting older isn't for sissies.  Splints were suggested (and of course pills) to help protect the joint and ease the pain.  I'm having my doubts.  It may protect the one joint, but it certainly puts strain on others.  If nothing else, the things are darned uncomfortable, and the purple velcro does nothing to boost their fashion appeal.  But we will persevere.....for now.  At least until the next appointment.

The constant storms took a small break and Sunday was a gorgeous day with a breeze perfect for laundry.

It was quite hot, but just beautiful.

I spent a couple of days prepping fabric for a joint quilt project with my mom.  I never thought to take a photo before I delivered all the pieces for her part of the process.  Ah well.  A secret project then.  :-)

I finished rosette #2 for La Passacaglia.

The Tramp helped me figure out how to crop out the seam allowances and background in Photoshop and I managed to place the rosette photos on a scan of the chart.  How much fun it will be to see the quilt grow this way!  I have a few things to finish first before I can start a new rosette.  I can't wait!

The Viking and I were back together again today.  We spotted this beautiful creature in the garden this afternoon.  The flower is part of a butterfly bush I grew from seed.  ED gave her nephews, Five and Batman, some little plastic egg seed kits several years ago.  Some how I ended up taking care of them and this was the only plant to survive, and I'm so glad it did!

"I see you Nini!  You are very small!"

Then he turned the "renoculars" around the right way.  "Now I'm looking for butterflies!"   He's too funny.

I indulged in some garment fabric the other day.  I feel the need for something bright and new to wear.  Four shirts are in process.  The original one I made from this pattern, about a month ago, is the black one in the background.  I tore the sleeve a bit on a rough shelf in a store last week.  Grumble.  I fiddled with the pulled threads and some Fray Check and it's fixed well enough to get by.  Actually no one will notice but me, so I should stop fussing about it.  :-)

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