Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I did some sewing during the weeks leading up to Christmas.  I bought some of Jodie's patterns and had lots of fun.  The patterns are nicely done.

I made the rocket ship with Starman for The Viking.  They were so cute I wanted to keep them for myself!

Disco Bots for Five and Batman.

And Guinea Pigs for Stardust and the other piggy lovers in the family.  I made five of them and there is some clamoring for more!

I had the best time making this cute wall hanging for The Tramp.  The pattern is a design from the talented Sandy Fitzpatrick.  Lucky for us she is a member of our guild!  :-)

Then I went on another hat kick.  The patterns are from this book.

The one-eyed monster and puppy dog for the older boys.

The fish for Stardust.

 The owl for The Viking.

I have a few more to make since The Viking wants a blue fish hat and the older boys want panda hats.  Stardust was very clear on the fact that the fish hat was very silly.  :-)  I'll make her something more girly and send it off for Valentines Day.  

I made hats for ED and MD from a pattern in a library book.  I have one cut out for myself and now it's cold out I think I should finish it!


Melody said...

Wow you achieved so much and everything is gorgeous

Jenny said...

What a great lot of Christmas sewing you have done!! Love the hats, plus love the fact that your little g-daughter thinks a fish hat is too silly for her. She obviously knows what she likes, and a fish hat is not on the agenda.

Happy New Year!

Bonnie said...

Oh how many wonderful things to see here. I LOVE the hats. I made my grands fleece hats but they had embroidery on them and the first round didn't fit them. I may have to get a hold of this pattern to make some for next year. (Plus, what am I going to do with all the fleece I have?) thanks for sharing the source for the Ha Bum Hug pattern. When I went over to see her patterns I realized I actually have one of her older patterns. I may have to buy one or two of these cute wall hangings. Thanks for sharing them.

Bonnie said...

Great post! I love the hats. Must look for that book -- I made hats this year for my grands but they didn't fit right. Sigh. Made new ones and hopefully they fit fine. Love the Ha Bum Hug wall hanging. When I looked at her patterns I realized I already own one of her early patterns. May buy Ha Bum Hug... it is just too cute.

Tine said...

The fish hat is too cute!! Absolutely wonderful!!