Sunday, June 28, 2015

Coughing better

After both of us staying in all week long feeling miserable it was very nice to get out on Saturday and Sunday.  The Viking seemed content to go with the flow.  The dogs didn't get much joy either since it was either too hot or too stormy and chances were The Tramp or I were taking a nap.

But some good times were had on the floor next to my sewing table.

I finished all the sewing, ironing and trimming of nine-patches.  Yay!  Then I could begin making the blocks.

After sewing a few nine-patches and squares together the OCD side of my brain made me stop and sort all the neutral squares into sets of four.  There.  Much better.  Now I wouldn't worry about ending up with no variety in some of my blocks.  I make myself nuts.  :-)

I took a short trip out Saturday afternoon and look what chased me home!  That is one ugly cloud.  This is about a mile and a half from the house and by the time I got around the corner it was POURING!

So what to do?  Of course!  Take yet another nap, with Piglet alternately guarding and sleeping above my head on the back of the couch.  :-)

Today however, was absolutely gorgeous.  Not even too hot.  So we took a drive to a different lake.

The Tramp even smiled!  lol

And there he is in the water.  It's a pretty enough beach, but I doubt we will go again.  For one thing the swimming area is smaller than our favorite beach.  Worse though, is the buoys don't keep the boats and jet skis far enough away from the beach.  The roar of engines and stink of gas fumes were very off-putting.  The first time we went in the water a fish kept bumping into me.  I think it was trying to taste the design on my bathing suit.  When I went to brush it away it BIT me!!  Actually just a nip on my thumb, but The Tramp says I let out quite a shriek which got the attention of everyone on the beach.  Oh my!

 I must have been exceptionally tasty today.  After we arrived home I did a quick circuit around the back yard with the dogs and got eight mosquito bites.  I could practically hear them shouting, "She's here!  Come and get it!"  The Tramp grilled us some fabulous little steaks for dinner and darn it if another mosquito didn't come in with the steak and we spent our whole dinnertime trying to swat it.  And guess who got more bites?  Sigh.

Anyway, the evening has been peaceful (and bug free) and all my units are stitched together.  Only one nine-patch and two squares left over.  Not bad!


Jenny said...

Those nine patch blocks look very tiny to me!

And it was fun (in an understanding sort of way) to read about you getting all those bites. We don't have mosquitos down here in our part of New Zealand, but we have plenty of sandflies, which do a lot of biting too. And you can be sure that if we are outside sitting around with a group of people, such as our caravan club buddies, I am the only one who gets bitten! Must be something in the blood, perhaps. Or perhaps we are just so darn attractive?

Lynn said...

That little guy is adorable! Which lake did you go to?