Saturday, April 4, 2015


Doing.  I've been doing lots of things and doing nothing.  Having a nasty cold causes hours of doing nothing.  I spent one whole morning just sitting in the rocker in the sun.  You know I wasn't feeling at all well when I took some silly selfies to send to The Tramp at work.  Oh my!  :-P

The dogs didn't mind the quiet.  This is what the two sun worshippers would be doing on a sunny morning anyway.  Soaking up the rays.  Cute how they arranged themselves around Ngaire's shadow.

Dog TV for the others.

It's a hard life.

But somebody's gotta do it.

Until we get too hot of course, then Ivy gets in her five minutes of sun.

Now it's getting too hot in front of the window, some of the thanksgiving cactus have been moved to a new corner....and are blooming nicely!

I'm happy to say The Viking has spent his usual days with me and not caught my cold.  I also took Dad out to do some errands.  The Viking "drove".  I'm glad to say both my parents are doing fine.  They haven't caught my cold either.  I seem to be going solo on this one.  Maybe this is the cold they all had in February that I didn't catch.  Hmmmmm.

"Em Ems!  Em Ems!  Fank you so much!"

And this is what we were doing on Thursday while waiting for a contractor who didn't show up on the appointed day last week.

Painter's tape train tracks and Duplo tunnel.  Happy boy.

What the contractor was doing was installing a new vacuum system.

Which of course comes with parts we had to make room for.  (What else is new??)  But the darned thing works extremely well.  The carpets are still reeling from the shock.  :-)

Piglet would be an outdoor dog if I let her.  Now it's warmer she plunks herself down in the sunny dirt at every opportunity.

The backyard is still in awful shape.  We started our holiday weekend raking up leaves and pinecones, hauling rocks, and The Tramp hacked up a few large roots.  Sadly, laryngitis is no excuse for avoiding that kind of work.

Sooo far to go.

The other thing I've been doing is continuing to shuffle sewing machines around.  Several of the vintage ones have gone out the door to The Tramp's great relief.  (He will deny that. ;-))  I've also not fallen in forever love with the Bernina 710.  :-(  The machine itself is fabulous, but it's a 9mm stitch machine and I eventually realized I just don't like that part of it.  After much laying awake at night and worrying about it I decided to take it out of the table and sell it in preparation for buying another 5.5mm machine to replace the 440....which I should have kept.  Hindsight is wonderful.  Yeesh.

So I've packed it all up and started putting the word out that it's available.

In the meantime, I retrieved my Juki from the person it was temporarily loaned to and it's back in the table.  Ahhhhhhhhh!  Relief.  Things are back as they should be.  You never appreciate what you've got 'til it's gone.   I had no idea how happy I was.  Send The Tramp a sympathy card.

My plan is to work on the Omigosh quilt at bee retreat in May.  So I've pulled it all out again and am making up strip sets and doing some preliminary cutting.  The first step is tiny nine-patches made from 1" squares (1/2" finished.  Yikes!).  I need 1100 dark-light-dark units and 550 light-dark-light units.

That's 300 right there.  I have lots more to do!

My sinuses are killing me, my voice is still croaky, but there's nothing wrong with my fingers.  I can sew!  I'm going to leave you now, go stroke my Juki for a bit and get busy with Omigosh.  Oh.  After I feed the dogs.  They certainly let you know when you're falling down on the job.

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