Wednesday, March 25, 2015


New messenger bags for a dinosaur obsessed little boy....

and a Frozen obsessed Stardust.

A new immersion blender.  I can make chocolate whipped cream for my strawberries!  Who knew!!

A new wing chair for comfortable hand stitching in The Sandbox.  I do allow a few select other people to sit in it.  ;-)

A new "diaper" bag from the Takeoff Tote pattern.  Fabulous pattern!  No more diapers, but one does have to carry a certain amount of toddler stuff around.  Might as well do it in style.

Behold.  A UFO actually put together!  That's new.

Renewal.  A quilt from the 1950s saved to the best of my ability.  The least fragile of the non-shredded blocks put back together, borderd and requilted.  It is now in a place of honor over the owner's bed.

A new bed!

 New language skills.  Behold the "lellow vacaloom!"

New levels of fearlessness were displayed at the mall yesterday.

A new generation that has no knowledge of life before selfies.  So of course he insisted on a selfie with his chocolate milk.  :-)

A renewed interest in some of the old sewing machines that have somehow crept into the house when I wasn't looking.   (Believe that and I have a bridge to sell you.)  I cleaned up the Singer 301A (on the left) and plan to take it on retreat.  Messy job.  This pic was taken after I had cleaned up.  Hmmmm.

Oiled up, shined up, and ready to be used!

What new thing (or old....let's face it, the UFOs aren't going anywhere) can I accomplish today??  Oh yeah.  I have the fabric sitting over there for another dog bed.

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Jenny and Robin said...

Haven't you been busy, Katie. So pleased you are back in blog land again, it's been a while. You know what your Mum said!