Saturday, October 4, 2014


Just a quickie for those who haven't completely lost faith. :-)

Princess Peanelope is almost finished.  There were a few false starts with her gown but satin seemed to be the right choice in the end. 

The hair is a bit iffy but I remind myself that my hair isn't so great when I get out of bed after a restless night either.  She still needs a crown or something for her head. And, of course, her pea.

To that end, I plunged into the unfamiliar world of polymer clay. Of course I was my usual over ambitious self. :-)  Just a pea has turned into a pea plant as well. 

Can I make something out of all this?  It remains to be seen. 


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

OH how adorable! I've always loved the Princess and the Pea fairytale for illustrations and dolls. Seems like they're so much room for ornamentation. Is this from a Cindee Moyer pattern?

Jenny said...

She will definately need a crown, or a tiara perhaps. After all, don't all Princesses sleep in their jewels?
Love that big pile of mattresses.